The CC Club brings back its old-school jukebox

The CC Club brings back its old-school jukebox

When we put together May's cover feature, "An Oral History of the CC Club," nearly everyone we talked to -- bar owners and bar flies, journalists and rock stars -- had something to say about the bar's legendary jukebox.

Some of their tales were eulogies. About two years ago, the bar's owners ditched their old model in favor of an electronic, internet-equipped TouchTunes version. Now, though, CC Club regulars have cause for a toast: At the end of August, the bar's new managers decided to bring a classic juke back.

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"Yeah, granted it was a good source of income," says manager Jenn Bodsgard of the TouchTunes machine. "But we've always supported music here, and we got the CD jukebox back because we wanted to have local music in our jukebox again."

Bodsgard and her co-manager, Adeana Arnold, started running the bar in May, when the CC's long-time owners sold to their neighbors on Lyndale, the French Meadow. Right away, they knew they weren't going to make many changes, but that they wanted a different juke.

The TouchTunes machine brought in more money, but it also took "forever," says Bodsgard, to queue up local music. So Bodsgard and Arnold traded it in for a CD juke instead.

To stock it, they put out an invitation to local musicians and music collectors alike: free beer for old CDs. The new juke filled in quickly.

"We got a lot," says Bodsgard, rattling off all kinds of genres. "Enough that we can change them out any time we want."

The bar has struck up partnerships with Electric Fetus and St. Paul's Into the Void Records, and will be shouting them out as places to buy the CDs in the juke. Bodsgard also hopes to start hosting local music listening and release parties.

"We have a long history with a lot of local bands that come here just to hang out and have a beer," she explains. "We wanted to just keep that spirit."

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