The Bon Iver Grammys commercial is not in Kansas anymore

Add another annoying item to the list of things Justin Vernon had nothing to do with leading up to the February 12 Grammy Awards. First, there was this treacherous ice sculpture of a poster, and now there's a 30-second ad trumpeting Bon Iver's involvement the We Are Music campaign yet again, featuring a snippet of "Holocene."

It plays out basically the way the Grammys people seem to want to pigeonhole this guy: Some animated snow, some trees, and a stiff breeze. And as you can see from the image on the right, it forever links Vernon to the late-'70s Kansas power ballad "Dust in the Wind."

This is not a total stretch, actually. When interviewed by NPR last year, Vernon had this to say about the creation of "Holocene."

Holocene is a bar in Portland, Ore., but it's also the name of a geologic era, an epoch if you will. It's a good example of how all the songs are all meant to come together as this idea that places are times and people are places and times are... people? [Laughs.] They can all be different and the same at the same time. Most of our lives feel like these epochs. That's kind of what that song's about. "Once I knew I was not magnificent." Our lives feel like these epochs, but really we are dust in the wind. But I think there's a significance in that insignificance that I was trying to look at in that song.

And perhaps the Grammys folks took that a little bit too much to heart. Here's the clip (via Stereogum). Try not to sneeze.

And, if ever there were a cover song to follow Bon Iver's stripped version of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me," the Kansas classic would more than suffice. Almost would be worth reconsidering the stance to not perform at the ceremony, right?

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