The Blind Shake debut "I'm Not an Animal" video

No, it's not an outtake from The Elephant Man. It's not a trailer for a new Sleepy Hollow movie. It's not even a student film about the Scarecrow. It's just a new music video from the Blind Shake.

But hey, it's a good one. And the song, even if it ain't quite new (it's from last summer's Seriousness), kicks plenty of ass. So, you know, check it after the break.
Being filmed in black and white, "I'm Not an Animal" (directed by Ryan Schaddelee) does have a bit of an artsy, absurdist feel to it. After all, it seem like the video cops some its premise from Mememto, being basically a series of rewinds that start at the end and slowly explains the plot in reverse.

But, the Blind Shake being the Blind Shake, there isn't any artsy pretense behind what's going on here. A joke, maybe, or perhaps a little masochism. But mainly, "I'm Not an Animal" is all about a good ass-kicking. And who doesn't like one of those every once in a while?

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