The best Twin Cities concerts this week: 2/27- 3/5

The best Twin Cities concerts this week: 2/27- 3/5
Photo by Jason Ho

The shortest month of the year comes to an end, spend it out with the Minneapolis music scene! Dessa performs at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts Thursday while the Current hosts a live Local Current set at the Amsterdam. Friday, The Tribe and Big Cats say goodbye at Triple Rock, presents Are You Local? showcase at Mill City Nights to show off Minneapolis' SXSW lineup. The Color Pharmacy releases their latest album at the Triple Rock Saturday and Atmosphere's Welcome to Minnesota Tour travels to Duluth. (Have no fear, they'll play at First Avenue Tuesday.)

Wednesday 2.27.2013

The Jealous Sound with Crash Burn Repeat
Triple Rock
Palm Muted Guitars
18+, $13, 8 PM 

Dada Trash Collage with Farms and Moro
Kitty Cat Klub
Electronic Grooves 
21+, FREE, 9 PM

Aaron and the Sea and Eraas
7th Street Entry
18+, $5, 8 PM

Thursday 2.28.2013

The Gaslight Anthem
First Avenue

Every year, more young bands seek to inherit Bruce Springsteen's legacy of brains-meets-brawn heartland rock. One of the best is the Gaslight Anthem, who not only hail from the now-63-year-old Boss's native New Jersey but also tapped his current producer, Brendan O'Brien, for their latest album, released last July. Aside from a string-draped acoustic ballad called "National Anthem," Handwritten didn't add much dimension to the band's familiar aesthetic. Its best moments, particularly "45," are right up there with anything off 2008's breakout The '59 Sound -- all bar-chord pound and skyward solos. With the Bouncing Souls and Cory Branan. --Mike Madden
18+, $27, 7:30 p.m 

Blind Shake with Ex-Nuns and France Camp
Turf Club
Garage Guitars
21+, $6, 9 PM

The Farewell Circut, Edward the Confessor and Caviler Crooks
Quick-Paced Thoughtful Rock
21+, FREE, 9 PM

Young Buffalo with Blessed Feathers and Ex Cops
7th Street Entry

Young Buffalo lead a trio of intriguing bands on Thursday. The Oxford, Mississippi, duo of Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett are multi-instrumentalists who play shimmery, exuberant pop complicated by noisy guitars, edgy electronics, unpredictable rhythms, and harmonies that soar into the falsettosphere. "Baby Demons" kicks off their latest, eponymous EP with jangly electric guitars suggestive of a British Invasion Sonic Youth. Along with them are Wisconsin-based Blessed Feathers, who specialize in hazy, fractured folk that kicks around on the outskirts of Americana-influenced rock. Haunted harmonies, diffident banjos, and atmospheric angst coalesce on the recent EP Peaceful Beasts in an Ocean of Weeds. Rounding out the bill are New York's Ex Cops, who play airily knowing indie-pop on their new True Hallucinations. --Rick Mason
18+, $8, 8 PM

Local Current Live! feat Greg Grease, Prissy Clerks and The Ericksons
Amsterdam Bar & Hall
Local Showcase
18+, FREE, 6 PM

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Spoken Word
AA, $20, 7 PM

Friday 3.1.2013

The Tribe and Big Cats Farewell Show
Triple Rock Social Club

After a steady stream of increasingly better albums, bizarre music videos, and explosive live performances, the Tribe and Big Cats! are hanging it up as a duo. Both Rapper Hooks (formerly known as TruthBeTold) and Big Cats (formerly with an exclamation point) are in the middle of solo projects, which presumably will better express where they are artistically as individuals. Last year's Space made an impact as an interesting combination of hard raps and floating ambient beats, hinting at new directions for both parties. Having always been known for their energetic live show, they'll surely see that this final one has them going out with a bang. With Toki Wright, MaLLy, and DJ Snuggles. --Jack Spencer
18+, $7-$10, 9 PM Are You Local? 2013 feat. Solid Gold, Sims, Wiping Out Thousands and L'Assassins. Plus Carroll, Audio Perm, and Bad Bad Hats competing for a SXSW slot.
Mill City Nights
SXSW Showcasers
18+, $13/$15, 7 PM

7th St. Entry

As Indians, Copenhagen one-man band Soren Lokke Juul makes spectral bedroom folk that cleverly combines organic and electronic instrumental elements for a distinctively spine-tingling end point. On his fully realized 4AD debut, Somewhere Else, songs like "Magic Kids" shimmer and sway, with stacks of hazy harmonies and gauzy synthesizers. It's an effect already familiar to fervent Bon Iver fans, but while Justin Vernon's songs typically opt for obtuse uplift, the music of Indians is decidedly darker yet equally enveloping. With Night Beds and Cat Martino. --Rob Van Alstyne
18+, $12, 8 PM

Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz, Busdriver.
Frist Avenue
Dense and Abstract Word Play
18+, $17/$19 8 PM

batteryboy with Fairfax, AK and Portage.   
The Cedar Cultural Center 
Emotionally Charged
AA, $12/$15, 7 PM

Women of Red House Records:A 30th Anniversary Show feat. Lucy Kaplansky, Claudia Schmidt, Heather Masse.
O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
Acoustic Blend
7:30 p.m., $20-$35. 


Saturday 3.2.2013

Murs with Fashawn and Black Cloud Music
Fine Line
Indie Hip-Hop
18+. $15/$17, 8 PM 

Actual Wolf with West of Aldine and Cait Leary
Kitty Cat Klub
Acoustic Songwriting
21+, $3, 9 PM

The Color Pharmacy with Usonia and Bigree Bonsai
Triple Rock 
Explosive Trio
18+, $15, 7:30 PM

The Ike Reilly Assassination with Stereo Confession.
7th Street Entry
Lyrical Dexterity
18+, $15, 9 PM 

Welcome to Minnesota Tour feat. Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Get Cryphy, Carnage, and Haphduzn.
Clyde Iron Works (DULUTH)
Local Hip Hop Heros
18+, SOLD OUT,  8 PM 

Sunday 3.3.2013


Hailing from Atlanta, Future made a big splash last year with his debut album, Pluto, which topped a number of critics' lists. Taking the experimental side of Lil Wayne's auto-tune warble raps and combining them with passionate over-emoting and hustler mentality, Future wormed his way into the ears of fans of all kinds by taking half-sung codeine raps to their logical conclusion. Alongside the bass-heavy, piano loop-laden beats, Future's multiple tweaked vocal effects and off-kilter cadence bring epic expressiveness to every line. While huge club hits like "Same Damn Time" show his skill at dumb-out bangers, some of his best work, such as "You Deserve It," leans into R&B territory in a surprisingly satisfying way. With DJ Advance. --Jack Spencer
18+, $30-$60, 10 PM

Karan Casey & John Doyle
Cedar Cultural Center
Irish Vocalist
AA, $20/$22, 7 PM 

Ra Ra Riot with Pacific Air 
Triple Rock Social Club
Polished Keys
18+, SOLD OUT, 7:30 PM

The Dirty Heads and Shiny Toy Guns with Midi Matilda and Oh No Fiasco
Mill City Nights
Reggae Rooted
18+, $22/$25, 7 PM

Monday 3.4.2013

Tame Impala
First Avenue

Might as well come right out with it: Australian band Tame Impala's Lonerism is as good as people say, and as psychedelic as people say, and as "refreshing" and "retro-but-not-retro" and every other phrase floating around out there in the online adjective-o-sphere. It's Sgt. Pepper or S.F. Sorrow with synths, sure, but that's a reverent compliment. The songs here seem like they came into existence perfectly formed, with every twist and surprise and loop-de-loop coming just when your subconscious demands it. One of the best things about the psychedelic classics of the olden '60s days is the way those bands pushed luck and inspiration and modern technology to their limits, and that's just what Tame Impala do now. Head music's not dead! With the Growl. --Chris Ziegler
18+, SOLD OUT, 7 PM 

Maroon 5: With Neon Trees, Owl City
Xcel Energy Center
Moves Like Jagger
AA, $29.50-$79.50 7:30 PM

Davina & the Vagabonds
Dakota Jazz Club
Saucy Vocals
AA, $10, 7 PM

This Must Be the Band: A Tribute to Talking Heads
7th Street Entry
Talking Heads Cover Band
18+. $10/$12, 7:30 PM 

Tuesday 3.5.2013

Dan Croll with Gloss and Apparition
7th Street Entry
Electro Pop
18+, $7, 7:30 PM 

Welcome to Minnesota Tour feat. Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Get Cryphy, Carnage, and Haphduzn. 
First Avenue
Local Hip Hop Heros
18+, SOLD OUT,  8 PM 

Where I'm Going: 
Nowhere. Tame Impala is sold out...but also Blind Shake, Ex-Nuns and France Camp @ The Turf Club

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