The best Twin Cities concerts of the week: 3/3-3/9

Arcade Fire -- See Saturday
Arcade Fire -- See Saturday

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Monday, March 3

Blind Shake SXSW Tour Kickoff with Dick Savage and Dead Gurus
18+, $7, 8 PM

Mega Ran with e-dubble & 27 Lights, Brentalfloss, Danimal Cannon, and Metasota
18+, $7/$10, 7 PM

Fever the Ghost with Queen of France and Hey, Remember Nostalgia
$7, 8 PM

Tuesday, March 4

Bob Mould with Paul Metzger
Last June, beloved ex-local icon Bob Mould blasted ear drums at Rock the Garden, mixing in choice selections from his thunderous back catalog with Sugar and Hüsker Dü alongside the equally hard-edged tunes from 2012's solo album, Silver Age. The decibel level will be decidedly lower when Mould takes the stage of the Woman's Club Theatre backed by longtime bassist Jason Narducy. They'll perform highlights from Mould's 1989 solo debut Workbook with selections that "sit nicely alongside the album." A fragile folk-pop affair, the record is undoubtedly Mould's finest as a singer-songwriter, and its combination of lyrical acidity and cello-accented mid-tempo melodicism still sounds as fresh today as it did a quarter century ago. With Paul Metzger. - Rob van Alstyne
$25, 7 PM

Cibo Matto with Buffalo Daughter
Hotel Valentine, fittingly released on February 14, is the first album in 15 years from Cibo Matto, the Japanese expat duo of Yuko Honda and Miho Hatori. Long connected to the New York downtown avant-garde mob, Hatori and Honda have been plenty busy in the interim, working on solo projects and collaborating with Yoko Ono, Martha Wainwright, and Gorillaz. Their reunion again unleashes the giddy synthesis of wildly disparate styles -- pop, jazz, hip-hop, Brazilian, African, just for starters -- that characterized their groundbreaking work in the '90s, this time built around the concept of a haunted hotel. The ghostly guests are by turns playfully and soberly enigmatic: "The afterworld is more civilized than the one I used to live in," says one in "Lobby." The music similarly ranges from bouncy pop-hop fantasies tinged with new wave or swinging London horns to spooky, echoey electronica. Japanese rock trio Buffalo Daughter opens. - Rick Mason
$20, 7 PM

Kodaline with LP
18+, $13.50/$15, 7 PM

The Unlikely Candidates with the Vegabonds
15+, $12/$15, 7 PM

Wednesday, March 5

Jeremy Spencer
$25, 7 PM

Gordon Globe (CD release) with Vicious Lips, Scarlet Mother
18+, $5, 7:30 PM

Breakneck the Mage with Ideal Avenue, G Dot, Intelligent Design, and Max Chillin
$5, 8 PM

The Pack AD with Fury Things
$10, 8 PM

Thursday, March 6

Andrew Belle with Diane Birch
Sounding a bit like Coldplay covering M83, Chicagoan Andrew Belle's sophomore album Black Bear ditches the wholesome acoustic sound of his 2010 debut Ladders in favor of tones far more sleek and synthetic. While occasionally too smooth for its own good, Belle's gentle grooves and dulcet vocals prove irresistible over the long haul, and leave the 29-year-old rising talent well positioned to break big in 2014. - Rob van Alstyne
18+, $15, 7:30 PM

Sound Horizon: Dave King
Free, 6 PM, 7 PM, & 8 PM

Are You Local? with the Cloak Ox, Dave Simonett, John Mark Nelson, Gramma's Boyfriend, Black Diet, more.
18+, $10/$12, 7 PM

EMOT (record release) with the Cairo Gang and We Are the Willows
$10/$12, 7 PM

Griffin House

Kings of Leon with Gary Clark, Jr.
$29.50-$59.50, 7:30 PM

Friday, March 7

Get Cryphy! 6th Anniversary with Big Freedia and Spank Rock
18+, $8/$10, 10 PM

The Musical Box performs Genesis's Foxtrot
All ages, $25-$75, 7 PM

Black Oak Arkansas with Red Daughters and the Oddfathers
$25/$27, 8 PM

C Rayz Walz with Big Jess, M.C. Rentz, Katana, Mike Shank, and Capaciti
$10, 8 PM

Dead Leaf Echo with Lightfoils, Brief Candles, and Chatham Rise
18+, $8, 8 PM

Joe Louis Walker
$25, 8 PM

Saturday, March 8

Arcade Fire with Dan Deacon and Kid Koala
Probably the biggest indie rockers ever, Arcade Fire paint murals while most of their peers seem limited to mere notepads. Last year, nine after debuting with the almighty Funeral, the Montreal-founded band were emboldened in a whole new endorphin-freeing way. Reflektor, the band's fourth, is a vaguely funky outing even though it's more Bill Clinton's taste than George Clinton's. Whereas their first three albums were lighter in mood if not in production weight, this one is consumed with themes of innocence and sensitivity. Recent AF setlists have included new arrangements of 2007's droning "My Body Is a Cage" reconfigured as a heavily percussive cauldron and Reflektor lurch "Normal Person" now with its pyro riffs extinguished. - Rob van Alstyne
$30.50-$70.50, 6:30 PM

Lake Street Dive
Although the members of Lake Street Dive met a decade or so ago at the New England Conservatory, the band is named for some unspecified joint on the seedy avenue that transects south Minneapolis, thanks to Mill City native guitarist/trumpeter/vocalist Mike "McDuck" Olson. Suddenly the quartet is as hot as the genuine Lake Street is frozen, turning up on the Colbert Report, in a now-viral YouTube video of a streetcorner performance of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," crossing the country on a mostly sold out tour, while  their new album, Bad Self Portraits, rockets up the charts. The magical Lake Street touch is an infectious blend of classic '60s pop, R&B and blue-eyed soul laced with subtle streaks of jazz, country and rock. Rachael Price's big, soulful voice is out front, but just as key are luminous four-part harmonies, Bridget Kearney's acoustic bass and a prevailing aura of whimsical intensity. So are the smart originals that on Portraits dissect relationships with rare perspective, dark humor and grownup words like "reticent" and "acquiesce."
SOLD OUT. $18, 9:30 PM

Lucy Kaplansky with David Francey
$25/$30, 6:30 PM

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: A Musical Tribute to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin
With Jamecia Bennet, Paris Bennett, Kathleen Johnson, Ginger Commodore, Ashley Commodore, more.
18+, $12/$15, 8 PM

The Tortoise & the Crow Tour with The Grouch & Eligh, Madchild, Pigeon John, Dem Atlas, Haphduzn, and DJ Fresh
18+, $15/$20, 8 PM

Sunday, March 9
Cedric Watson avec Bijou Creole
Texas native Cedric Watson reconnected to his southwest Louisiana heritage in his teens, studying the roots of Creole and Cajun music. By his mid-20s he was fiddling, singing and writing songs with the Pine Leaf Boys, young firebrand traditionalists who gave the music a kick of adrenalin and twisted those roots in innovative ways. At times, Watson's fiddle work and infectious grin uncannily suggested late fiddle icon Canray Fontenot. Subsequently mastering accordion and leading his own band, Bijou Creole, Watson specifically has focused on the tendrils of Creole music, which stretch through south Louisiana to the Caribbean and across the Atlantic. He's also kept things percolating with a progressive spirit that stirs up the roux in different ways. On the band's latest, Le Troubadour Creole, Watson sings and howls en français while his originals define the Creole experience with a melting pot of ancient reels, contredanse, zydeco, funk, swing, blues and rhythms skittering from New Orleans to Jamaica and Africa, reinvigorating roots still growing in new directions. - Rick Mason
$15-$18, 7:30 PM

Cécile McLorin Salvant
In 2010 she emerged from almost complete obscurity to win the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Vocals Competition. Now, at age 23, Cécile McLorin Salvant is being hailed as a virtuoso showing remarkable artistic maturity and already ranked with the holy trinity of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. The notoriously picking Wynton Marsalis has gushed that she possesses "poise, elegance, soul, humor, sensuality, power, virtuosity, range, insight, intelligence, depth and grace," all of which are abundant on her U.S. debut, WomanChild. The Miami-born daughter of a French mother and Haitian father, Salvant studied classical music and only turned to jazz while attending college in France. She then immersed herself in vintage jazz and blues, leading to an extraordinary repertoire that embraces roots, covering the likes of Bessie Smith, Fats Waller and the folk standard "John Henry" with scintillating vibrancy. Her version of the Holiday-covered standard "What A Little Moonlight Can Do" alone is a splendid tour de force, while the 1935 ditty "You Bring Out the Savage in Me" radiates steamy energy, comic lunacy and sly social commentary.
$25-$35, 7 PM & 9 PM

Animals As Leaders
15+, $23.75, 4 PM

Flogging Molly with the Drowning Men
18+, $35, 6:30 PM

The Mavericks
$46.50-$56.50, 7 PM

The Sword with Big Business & O'Brother
18+, $16/$18, 8 PM

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