The best Twin Cities concerts: 9/18-9/24

The best Twin Cities concerts: 9/18-9/24
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Many musical rivers to cross in these coming days. Jimmy Cliff at First Avenue on Thursday will be a featured part of it. This week in the Twin Cities begins with The Eagles at the Target Center while Iron & Wine plays across the street at First Avenue. Thursday, Portland-based Typhoon makes an appearance at the Cedar Cultural Center while Japanese punk band Peelander Z hits the Turf Club. The weekend features performances by Jeremy Messersmith at New Century Theatre, Har Mar Superstar sells out First Avenue and  the 6th Annual Surly Fest during day on Saturday.

Wednesday 9.18.2013

The Eagles with JD and The Straight Shot
Target Center
Everything about the Eagles exudes easygoing Americana. They're your dad's favorite band and a mainstay on classicrock radio, and seem like they've been (and will be) a part of pop music forever. Now there's a documentary (History of the Eagles, released in April) detailing everything about the California quartet. Even without the murky mythos uncovered by the film, the enduringly popular group's fans have been eager to fill in all the missing details. Touring behind that kind of career retrospective promises a live set full of those same details, a performance brimming with both massive hits and deep cuts. Fans might not get anything quite this comprehensive ever again. With JD and the Straight Shot..--IAN TRAAS
AA, $52-$187, 8 PM

Iron & Wine
First Avenue
Recovering acoustic crooner Sam Beam's muse keeps expanding further on his fifth album as Iron & Wine, Ghost on Ghost. Ditching the dark and anxious tones of its predecessor, Ghost sounds airy and warm, with irresistibly syrupy tunes like "The Desert Babbler" reinventing Beam as an orchestral pop crooner par excellence. Seemingly crafted with lazy Sunday mornings in mind, the album occasionally lacks verve but more than makes up for it in impeccable craftsmanship and easygoing charm. 5. --ROB VAN ALSTYNE
18+, $30, 7 PM,

Skyway Theatre
Rancid may not have released anything since 2009's Let the Dominoes Fall, but the 22-year-old punk act has hit the road hard. Coming into town with side project Tim Timebomb & Friends opening, the band will be a doing a lot more looking back than forward. Taking tutelage from the Ramones, Rancid's live sets are fast and to the point with little chat in between songs, and those who have ignored newer output can still hear a few off ...And Out Come the Wolves and Let's Go. With Tim Timebomb & Friends and the Interupters. --LOREN GREEN
18+, $25, 9 PM

Archnemesis with Guggenz. 
Electro Hip Hop Soul
18+, $10/$12,  8:30 PM

Jonny Lang 
State Theatre
Twangy Blues
AA, $43.50-$53.50,, 7:30 PM

Dent May with Dead Gaze and Holographic Sands
7th Street Entry
Stylistic Chameleon
18+, $8/$10, 8 PM

Vista Chino with Zebulon Pike and Black Pussy
Fine Line Music Cafe
Firey Former Kyuss
18+, $20/$25, 7:30 PM

Scott H Biram with Black Pistol Fire
Turf Club
Dirty Old One Man Band
21+, $12/$14, 8 PM

Thursday 9.19.2013

Ravi Coltrane Quartet
Ravi Coltrane, 48, has long since dealt with the legacy of his parents -- saxophone titan John Coltrane and illustrious pianist/composer Alice Coltrane -- as well as his namesake, sitarist Ravi Shankar. Rather than merely enduring his lineage, Ravi, who plays tenor and soprano like his father, has established his own rep as a contemporary artist. On last year's Spirit Fiction, his first album for Blue Note, Coltrane's lithe horns snake through the heart of two different ensembles: one, tighter and a little darker, his then-decade-old quartet with pianist Luis Perdomo, bassist Drew Gress, and drummer E.J. Strickland; the other, more 
mercurial and elastic, a reunion of an older group with trumpeter Ralph Alessi, pianist Geri Allen, bassist James Genus, and drummer Eric Harland. He's now leading a new quartet featuring pianist David Virelles, bassist Dezron Douglas, and drummer Johnathan Blake. --RICK MASON
AA, $35 at 7 PM $25 at 9 PM 

Jel, Serengeti, Sole and DJ Abilities with Tony Trimm
Triple Rock
Explosive Rock
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Jimmy Cliff
First Avenue
Calling Jimmy Cliff's 2012 record Rebirthmight be an overstatement -- to be reborn, first you have to die, as Salmon Rushdie says -- but the record marked a return to his roots-reggae past. Rebirth ties in a distinct Occupy tone. Cliff's soft voice over punctuated rhythms can soothe without losing a social conscience. Now on the Many Rivers Crossed Tour, 40 years after his work in The Harder They Come, Cliff hits the venerated rock venue First Avenue to share his classics. --LOREN GREEN
18+, $30, 7:30 PM. 
Cedar Cultural Center
Portland-based Typhoon lean heavily on the usual sophisti-pop instrumental suspects -- glockenspiels abound -- and boast a suitably mammoth membership. Filling out frontman Tyler Morton's grand ambitions requires 14 musicians, give or take a glockenspiel player. This sort of "adult" indie music is catnip for the NPR-music crowd, and the band might be in danger of being too grown up for its own good if not for Morton's voice, a tremulous spine-tingling howl that injects a welcome element of radical instability into otherwise tidy tunes. With Radiation City. --ROB VAN ALSTYNE
AA, $10-$12, 7 PM

Peelander Z with Birthday Suits, Rabbit Holes. 
Turf Club
Japanese Punk
21+, $10. 9 PM

Zeds Dead with Paper Diamond, Green Lantern and Branchez. 
Mill City Nights
Toronto Electro
18+, $30/$35, 8:30 PM

Friday 9.20.2013

The Sudden Lovelys with Reina del Cid and Jack Klatt
Harmonious Duo
21+, FREE, 10 PM

Fury Things with Buffalo Sleeper (CD Release Show)
Fuzzy Rock
21+, $5, 9 PM

Phantom Tails with Erosand the  Eschston, Fort Wilson Riot and We Are The Willows
Triple Rock
Deep Space Doom Funk
18+, $5, 8 PM

Har Mar Superstar with Purple and Lizzo
First Avenue
Smooth Voiced R&B
18+, SOLD OUT, 8 PM

Julia Holter with Nedelle Torrisi
Cedar Cultural Center
Electronic Chamber Pop
AA, $12/$15, 9:30 PM

Terma Festival with Youth Code, Prostate, Night Sins, more Fri. White Car, Claps, Goldendust, more Sat.
The Belmore/The New Skyway Lounge
$20 for two-day pass, 6 PM

The Legendary Pink Dots with Orbit Service.
7th Street Entry
Copmlicated String
18+, $20, 8 PM

The Cedar Cultural Center
Nordic Folk Trio
AA,  $18/$20,  6:30 PM

Saturday 9.21.2013

6th Annual Surlyfest: With music by Dillinger Four, DJ Shannon Blowtorch, Crankshaft & the Gear Grinders and Alpensterne
Surly Brewing Company
Local Beer and Music
$40,  2-6:15 PM

Bret Michaels
AA, $25, 6:30 PM

Citizen Cope with Alice Smith
Mill City Nights
Intimate Solo
18+, $29.50/$32 8 PM.

Shigeto and Beacon with Nitemoves
7th Street Entry
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Hip-Hop Harambee Block Party: Big Krit, Shabazz Palaces, Devin the Dude, and more
Nomad World Pub
Local Hip Hop Favorites
$20/$25, 1-10 PM 

Jeremy Messersmith with Cjell Cruze
New Century Theatre
Heartfelt Songwriting
$19-$39 6:30 PM

Trivium, Devildriver with After the Burial, and Sylosis.
First Avenue
Rugged Metal
AA, $22/$24, 4:30 PM 

Sunday 9.22.2013

Action Bronson and  Danny Brown
First Avenue
On what is labeled the "2 High 2 Die" tour, New York's Action Bronson and Detroit's Danny Brown are hitting the road together, a move that makes total sense. Both are fawned-over blog rap mainstays that actually deserve the praise. Both have larger-than-life personalities that make their music distinct and original. Both have had their issues with audiences getting overly excited -- Bronson likes to resort to bodyslamming fans who try to get onstage, and Brown... well, that's a whole other can of worms. These are two of the most 
respected and exciting names in rap right now, and missing this would be regrettable. With Trash Talk. -- JACK SPENCER
18+, $22-$25, 8 PM

Anathema, Alcest with Mammifer
Mill City Nights
Melodicly Heavy
18+, $20, 7PM

Cristina Pato  
Dakota Jazz Club 
AA, $20, 7 PM

Chelsea Wolfe with True Widow
The Cedar
AA, $10/$12, 7 PM

Scout Niblett with Dustin Wong, Dope Body. 
Intimate Songwriting
21+, $10, 9 PM

Teddy Geiger with Jake Jones
7th Street Entry
Soft Pop
AA, $12/$15, 5 PM

Authority Zero with Pretty Ugly and Version 5
Triple Rock 
Two Decade Career
18+, $12, 7:30 PM

JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers with The Bad Companions
7th Street Entry
Blissfully Distorted
18+, $8, 9 PM

Monday 9.23.2013

Brute Heart with Circuit Des Yeux, Spires That In The Sunset Rise and Food Pyramid 
Post Punk Folk
21+, $5, 9 PM

Pennyroyal with The Ronnie Buxtons and Street Hassle
7th Street Entry
Visual and Emotional
18+, $5, 7 PM

Tuesday 9.24.2013

The Ericksons with Luray
Atmospheric roots music and connections to the Eau Claire scene are on special at Icehouse Tuesday. Twin Cities-based sisters Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick are the Ericksons, whose much-admired third album, The Wild, was recorded at Justin Vernon's studio. A new single, "Animal," released in July, was co-produced by Vernon's Bon Iver bandmate Sean Carey, who also produced and played on Luray, the debut album of hissister, Shannon Carey. Luray is also the name of her Washingtonarea band, after the town in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, which inspired much of the music. It's a thoroughly alluring sound, albeit difficult to pin down because it slips enigmatically among genres: a beguiling blend of atmospheric chamber folk-pop, bluegrass, indie rock, and rootsy country. --RICK MASON
21+. $7, 9 PM 

Jesse Ruben and Caitlin Crosby
Aster Cafe
Soulful Songwriters
18+, $12, 7 PM

Ahleuchatistas with Self-Evident and 555
7th Street Entry
Intense Abandon
18+, $8/$10, 7 PM

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