The best Twin Cities concerts: 5/15-5/21

The best Twin Cities concerts: 5/15-5/21
Frode & Marcus

Finally! The weather is starting to catch up with the time of year. Just in time for Northeast's annual celebration, Art-A-Whirl. Featuring creative works from all over Minneapolis, the 331 club will be hosting local favorites such as Gospel Gossip, Carroll, Prissy Clerks, Crimes and more. Minneapolis will also be welcoming back of Montreal this Wednesday, as they make a stop at the Cedar Cultural Center. Shout Out Louds (pictured above) are at Varsity Theater on Friday. Finally, Father John Misty returns to another sold out crowd, this time in the First Avenue Mainroom this Tuesday. So get out, see some great music, and enjoy the weather. After all, we're due for another snowstorm. 

Wednesday 5/15

of Montreal with Wild Moccasins
Cedar Cultural Center
Quirky Feelings
AA, $20, 7 PM

The Presets and Dragonette with Classixx
First Avenue Mainroom 
Synth Pop
18+, $18/$20, 7 PM

Fitzgerald Theatre

The unlikely life and career of Detroit singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez could have been the stuff of Hollywood fiction. Instead Swedish documentarian Malik Bendjelloul's Searching for Sugar Man told Rodriguez's real story, snagging the Oscar for Best Documentary and reviving the now-70-year-old Rodriguez's musical odyssey. Rodriguez played the Motor City bar scene in the late '60s, writing songs full of trenchant commentary addressing the political and social upheaval of the time, sounding like a cross between Dylan and Phil Ochs. He recorded a pair of albums in 1970 and '71 that were primarily folk-rock, laced with soul and funk, and tinged with quirky psychedelia. Both albums tanked and Rodriguez retreated into even greater obscurity stateside. But copies of the albums wound up in Australia and South Africa, where, unbeknownst to him, he became as big as any rock star of the day, some songs even becoming anti-apartheid anthems. With the help of Bendjelloul's film, Rodriguez is finally getting due recognition on his home turf 40-something years late. --Rick Mason 
AA, $46, 7:30 PM

Benefit for Dave 'Cool Breeze' Brown: With Lamont Cranston Blues Band, Lynwood Slim, Tommy Burnevik & the Bee's Knees Big Band, Everett Smithson, Detroit Don King. 6 p.m., $10 suggested donation. Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues Uptown, 3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-822-9900.

Bullet for My Valentine with Halestorm, Young Guns
Heavy Metal
AA, $26.50, 6 PM

Thursday 5/16

The Detroit Cobras with L'Assassins and Blue Ruin
The Triple Rock
Ass-Shaking Anthems 
18+, $15, 8 PM

Sir Sly with JMSN and American Youth
7th Street Entry
Vigilante Pop
18+, $10, 8 PM

Friday 5/17

7th St. Entry
So far Michael Benjamin Lerner has had an enviable career arc in the indie-rock world. On Dormarion, his third album recording as one-man band Telekinesis, Lerner showcases myriad ways to make melancholy in his personal life sound sweetly alluring, be it the distortion-heavy balladry of "Island #4," mesmerizing mid-tempo synth-pop on "Ghosts and Creatures," or the tried-and-true power pop on which he first made his name found within "Empathetic People." With Deep Sea Diver. --Rob Van Alstyne 
18+, $10, 8 PM

Youth Lagoon with Majical Cloudz
Fine Line Music Café
Hypnotic Ambiance
18+, $15 ,8 PM

Art A Whirl feat. Carroll, Gospel Gossip and Jaill
331 Club
Northeast Celebration

Kool G Rap

There were few predecessors to Kool G Rap in terms of gangsta rap, and in terms of influence he is essentially untouched. An immense list of rappers -- everyone from Notorious B.I.G. to Big Pun to Eminem -- has cited Kool G's street tales as pivotal to the development of their style. His brutally honest depictions of a harsh side of reality are told with an intricate multi-syllabic internal rhyme. Few have touched his style, and the blueprint he set forth can still be felt in modern rap. It's been nearly a decade since he's been on tour, and since he'll be reuniting with original collaborator DJ Polo it's bound to be nothing less than legendary. --Jack Spencer 
18+, $12-$20, 9 PM

Laura Stevenson with Field Mouse and Savannah Smith
The Triple Rock
Acoustic Resonance 
18+, $10, 8 PM

Shout Out Louds
Varsity Theater

Swedish rock 'n' roll ambassadors Shout Out Louds sound like a band in transition on their first album in three years, Optica. No longer the spiky-guitar-loving post-punk kids they were a decade ago when their debut album, Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, was first released in their homeland, the quintet have since largely abandoned '90s American indie-rock nostalgia in favor of a cleaner dance-oriented sound. In fact, "Walking in Your Footsteps," the slinky second single from Optica, boasts such a sugary bounce and gentle yet undeniable groove as to be downright ABBA-esque. The move toward a more synth-driven rhythmic sound serves to make the moments when the guitars come out hit that much harder. With Haerts. --Rob Van Alstyne 
18+, $18, 8 PM. 

Rebel, Rebel - Rock For Pussy X feat. John Eller, Chris Perricelli, Janey Winterbauer and more
First Avenue Mainroom
Bowie Tribute for Cats
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Art A Whirl feat. Crimes, The Ericksons, Prissy Clerks and more
331 Club
Northeast Celebration

Relient K: With Hellogoodbye, William Beckett & Mike Mains, the Branches
Mill City Nights
Pop Punk Praise
16+, $17/$20, 7 PM

Saturday 5/18

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club with thenewno2
First Avenue Mainroom
Unremittingly Grim
18+, $22, 8 PM

Spirit Family Reunion with Frankie Lee
7th Street Entry
Dusty Acoustic Guitars
18+, $10, 8 PM

Insane Clown Posse: With the Moonshine Bandits, Kung Fu Vampire
Juggalo Party
AA, $25/$30, 7 PM

State Theatre
Banana Phone Rock
AA, $29-$39 1 PM

Judson Street Fest feat. Melismatics, Trailer Trash, Jack Brass Band, Kinda Kinky, Robert Everest & Choro Borealis, more; 
Judson Memorial Baptist Church
Family Friendly 


Como Ave. Jug Band (CD-release) with Cactus Blossoms, the Roe Family Singers, the Brian Just Band, Martin Devaney, the Brass Messengers
Outdoor Activities 
Indeed Brewing Company
FREE, 12-10 PM

Dean Magraw: 8 p.m., $15. Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar, 3745 42nd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-729-4200.

Heiruspecs Scholarship Show with Sean Anonymous, Beatnick, Whistlekid. Proceeds benefit Saint Paul Central High School Foundation.
Turf Club
Hip Hop for a Cause
21+, $10,  8 PM

Sunday 5/19

Flying Lotus with Thundercat, Teebs
First Avenue Mainroom
Ghostly Introspection
18+, $20, 8 PM

Art A Whirl feat. Ginkgo, Night Moves and more
331 Club
Northeast Celebration

Paul Spring Release Show with Brian Laidlaw & The Family Trade and Cosmicomics
7th Street Entry
18+, $5, 7 PM

Marina & the Diamonds: With Charli XCX
The Skyway Theatre
Brit Pop
16+, $25/$35, 7 PM

Martin Taylor & Laurence Juber
Dakota Jazz Club
Guitar Legends
AA, $25, 7 PM

Monday 5/20

First Avenue, Monday 5.20

Foals' previous two records established the Oxford-reared quintet as top-shelf acolytes of twitchy Talking Heads-inspired post-punk. Their just released third album, Holy Fire, flips the script by adding unexpected ballast. Lead single "Inhaler" finds the formerly lean and airy outfit sounding nearly unrecognizable, opting for crunchy and cathartic guitar-rock in place of the danceable treble-heavy trance of their past work. As it turns out, however, "Inhaler" is something of an outlier. While Holy Fire undoubtedly rocks harder than its predecessors, it still wisely leaves plenty of room for the rubbery bass lines and glistening gossamer guitar lines that got the band noticed by the likes of Sub Pop in the first place. With Surfer Blood and Blondfire. --Rob Van Alstyne 
18+, $21.50, 7 PM 

Marah in the Mainsail Release Show with Clocks & Clouds and The Bitterroot Fires
7th Street Entry
Traditional Folk Influence
AA, $6, 5:30

Todd Rundgren
Varsity Theater

In 1973, Todd Rundgren was the producer behind the meat-and-potatoes hard-rock gem that is Grand Funk Railroad's We're an American Band LP. But he was also the auteur behind his own A Wizard, A True Star, one of the decade's most ambitious and bewildering psychedelic masterpieces. Rundgren scored both gigs after 1972's mega-hit "Hello, It's Me" turned him from cult act to superstar, and over the next 10 years he tweaked the expectations of a hit-maker by keeping one foot in the pop charts and the other in the outer reaches of prog strangeness. Careening from the elaborate space-rock of Utopia to the earworm power-pop of "Bang on the Drum All Day" made him that rare rock star who could move units whether his songs were three-minute singles or 30-minute suites. In the ensuing years, he's let his engineering and tech-geek instincts continue to push his music forward, from CD-R cut-up/recombination experiments like the interactive version of 1993's No World Order to the just-released, EDM-informed State. --Nate Patrin  
18+, $42-$62, 7 PM 

Tuesday 5/21

Father John Misty
First Avenue

Josh Tillman issued a handful of solo albums before spending four years drumming and occasionally singing with Fleet Foxes, helping forge their atmospheric, Pacific Northwestern chamber folk-pop. Tillman then headed south, wandered into Laurel Canyon, absorbed the psychedelic remnants of '70s boho central, and emerged with a new alter-ego, Father John Misty. Ministering to a congregation of peculiar characters ("living on amusement rides") conjured on last year's Fear Fun, Tillman as Misty roams a surreal Hieronymus Bosch-meets-Richard Brautigan realm peppered with dark humor, talking dogs, cemetery forays, monkeys, dune buggies, skewed identities, magic mushrooms, and other mischief. --Rick Mason 
18+, SOLD OUT, 7:00 PM

Andrew Belle with Neulore, Peter Groenwald
7th Street Entry
Pop Vocals
18+, $10/$12, 7 PM

Where I'm Going:

of Montreal @ The Cedar

Art-a-Whirl @ 331

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