The best Twin Cities concerts: 4/24-4/30

The best Twin Cities concerts: 4/24-4/30

It's the last week of April, and the snow is finally melting away. Wednesday, local favorites Poliça play a show in the First Avenue Mainroom, while songwriter Josh Ritter plays a set the next night. Mill City Nights also welcomes Mindless Self Indulgence as new local band Ginkgo plays a set at the Turf Club.The Walker Art Center welcomes innovative jazz keyboardist Craig Taborn on Friday. Cloud Cult plays a two-night, sold out show in First Avenue's Mainroom over the weekend, and punchy garage rockers Bleached bring the California sun to the Turf Club Sunday.

Wednesday 4.24.2013

Emery with Wolves at the Gate, the Seeking, Peace Mercutio, and the Suit

Station 4
Screaming Alternative
All ages, $15, 5 PM

Poliça with Night Moves and Ronia

First Avenue Mainroom
Toned vocals
18+, $25, 7:30 PM

Tera Melos with TTNG, Self-Evident

7th Street Entry
Technical Precision
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Thursday 4.25.2013

Josh Ritter & the Royal City Band

First Avenue Mainroom
Written and recorded in the wake of the collapse of his marriage, Josh Ritter's latest album, The Beast in Its Tracks, is unsurprisingly anchored in personal heartache. Prior efforts like So Runs the World Away directed Ritter's substantial lyrical gifts outward and spun epic tales from odd premises — "The Curse" chronicled the love affair between a museum worker and reanimated mummy — but his latest is considerably more self-focused. A similarly intimate sentiment prevails sonically, with Ritter's wounded twang supported by spare acoustic instrumentation, drum kits only gently brushed when they bother to appear at all. In less capable hands such a tight lyrical focus and naked sound would prove highly problematic, but Ritter makes it all work by letting his stellar lyrics do the heavy lifting. Ritter's precisely poignant wording on lead single "Joy to You Baby" provides a riveting trip down a well-worn path ("I go to the parties/Throw my hands in the air/I drink what they pour me/The cups of who cares"). With Sea Wolf (solo acoustic). —Rob Van Alstyne
18+, $25, 7:30 PM

Mindless Self Indulgence with The Red Paintings

Mill City Nights
Twisted Lyrics
AA, $24.50-$27, 7 PM

Ginkgo and Votel

Turf Club
Frenetic Vocals
21+, $6, 9 PM

Free Energy with Hollow Boys, Old Moon

Triple Rock Social Club
Howling Vocals
18+, $10, 8 PM

Caroline Smith

Dakota Jazz Club
Acoustic Duo Set
AA, $15, 7 PM

William Tyler with Bora York, Southwire

7th Street Entry
Bittersweet Nostalgia
18+, $8/$10, 8 PM

Friday 4.26.2013

Danny Brown

Triple Rock Social Club
Detroit rapper Danny Brown once recorded a mixtape with G-Unit roughneck Tony Yayo. He also claims Love's Forever Changes as his favorite album of all time. This (ostensible) paradox goes a long way toward explaining why Brown is one of the more unusual figures in music today. XXX, from 2011, was his breakout, and deservedly so — it's one of the best, most consistent rap releases of the past few years. But follow-up Old is due late this summer, and much of the material Brown's been debuting recently (including the ironically explosive "Kush Coma") suggests it could actually be an improvement over its excellent predecessor. At any rate, we know the 32-year-old is on his shit right now. With Tumblr lightning-rod Kitty, a.k.a. the self-proclaimed "rap game Taylor Swift." —Mike Madden
18+, $20, 8

Craig Taborn

Walker Art Center
Innovative jazz keyboardist and Golden Valley native Craig Taborn will be feted on his home turf in this multi-format showcase of his eclectic projects, dubbed Heroic Frenzies. Taborn studied music locally before he went off to college and by the early '90s was a member of James Carter's band. Subsequently he juggled his own projects and extensive session work with the likes of Roscoe Mitchell, Tim Berne, Chris Potter, and Bill Laswell. Plus, he teamed up with notable locals Dave King, Greg Norton, and Erik Fratzke in Gang Font. Taborn has stretched from straight-ahead jazz to the avant-garde, experimenting with elements of electronica, funk, and rock. Here, Taborn will play in three different contexts. Junk Magic will feature drummer King, bassist Fratzke, tenor saxophonist Chris Speed, and Mat Maneri on viola, focusing on the boundary-shattering jazz/electronica/ambient/funk hybrid stuff on 2004's album of the same name. Taborn's Trio — drummer Gerald Cleaver, bassist Thomas Morgan — will likely concentrate on its just-released Chants, where the group takes an emphatic ensemble approach to Taborn originals dense with often angular ideas but still flowing with a sublime touch. Finally, Taborn will play solo piano pieces from his 2011 album Avenging Angel, notable for its fresh approach to the medium in expression and technique —Rick Mason
$22-$25. 8PM

Birthday Suits with Leisure Birds, Painted Ponies and Jan

Turf Club Trash Rock 21+, Free, 9 PM

Fathom Lane with Actual Wolf

Aster Cafe
Intimate Vocals
AA, $10, 8:30 PM


Kitty Cat Klub
Grooving to the Oldies
21+, $5, 9 PM

The New Standards

Dakota Jazz Club
Famous Local Trio
AA, $30, 8 PM, 10PM

David Wilcox

Cedar Cultural Center Singer/Songwriter
AA, $24/$26, 7 PM

Kinetix with Apollo Cobra and Hyentyte

Funky Melodies
18+, $10-$12, 8:30 PM

Lucero with Langhorne Slim & the Law

First Avenue Mainroom
Whisky Soaked
18+, $20, 8 PM

On An On with the Farewell Circuit, Aaron & the Sea

7th Street Entry
Indie Pop
18+ , $10, 9:30 PM  

Saturday 4.27.2013


State Theater
Saturday in the Park
AA, $64.50-$74.50 8 PM

Cloud Cult: With JBM

First Avenue Mainroom
Big Sound,Tender Vocals
18+, SOLD OUT, 6 PM

Ike Reilly with Martin Devaney

Gritty Realism
21+, $15, 10 PM

Kvelertak with Cancer Bats

7th Street Entry
Adrenaline Pumped
18+, $13/$15, 9:30 PM

Lucy Michelle with Southside Desire

Cedar Cultural Center
Tender Songs
AA, $10/$12, 7 PM

Zoo Animal

331 Club
Heartfelt Lyrics
21+, FREE, 6 PM

L'Assassins (CD Release), Pink Mink (7" Release), Sex Rays (7" Release), The Pinsch and DJ's Lady Heat

Turf Club
Retro Style Rock
21+, $7, 9 PM

Sunday 4.28.2013

Fleetwood Mac

Xcel Energy Center
While drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie have anchored Fleetwood Mac's rhythm section since its late-'60s origins, the band had several incarnations — generally defined as the Peter Green/Jeremy Spencer blues era and the Bob Welch California pop era — before its most successful lineup crystalized with singer/keyboardist Christine McVie, singer/guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, and singer Stevie Nicks. The cross-Atlantic, blues/pop/rock 'n' roll textures the quintet brought together, fueled by the tensions of two simultaneously imploding relationships (the McVies and Buckingham-Nicks), formulated the volatile chemistry that inspired one of the most enduring rock albums of the era, 1977's Rumours. Minus Christine McVie, who retired in the late '90s, the remaining classic Mac quartet is touring again on the 35th anniversary of Rumours, which has been reissued by Rhino with additional outtakes and live material. The current shows focus on Rumours and the lineup's additional nuggets, while reportedly still heavily mining the remnants of the Buckingham-Nicks romance. Yesterday may be gone, as the song says, but Fleetwood Mac is still definitely here. —Rick Mason
AA, $49.50-$149.50 8 PM

Diana Krall

State Theatre
For most of her highly successful career, singer and pianist Diana Krall has focused on jazz standards, only rarely straying elsewhere (reputedly at the urging of hubby Elvis Costello). But on last fall's T Bone Burnett-produced Glad Rag Doll, she ranged much farther afield, both backward — covering now-obscure 1920s and '30s pop tunes she knew from her dad's 78s collection — and forward to Americana folk and blues elements. Still, there's a Jazz Age feel to the album that's reportedly carried over to her live show, featuring scalloped stage lights and vintage film clips from the vaudeville era. Krall's voice is sly and sensuous throughout, getting downright sultry on tunes like "There Ain't No Sweet Man That's Worth the Salt of My Tears," which gets a kick from a gutbucket beat and Marc Ribot's nasty electric guitar. She's more wistful and intimate on other vintage material like the gently swinging "Just Like a Butterfly That's Caught in the Rain" and on the whispery, reflective title cut, accompanied only by Ribot's acoustic. Krall's piano work is impressive too, as she dips into stride and barrelhouse, as well as stirring up some Jerry Lee Lewis-like rock 'n' roll on blues singer Betty James's "I'm a Little Mixed Up." Another more modern tune, Doc Pomus's "Lonely Avenue," gets a striking noirish, almost surreal treatment; like the rest of the album it suggests a certain era while transcending time. p.m. 805 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612.339.7007. —Rick Mason
AA, $65-$95. 7:30 PM

Bleached with Ex-Cops and Hollow Boys

Turf Club
Thick Distortion
21+, $12, 8 PM

Cloud Cult: With JBM

First Avenue Mainroom
Big Sound,Tender Vocals
18+, SOLD OUT, 7 PM

Chad Erickson & The Untimely, Cannons North and The Lost Wheels

7th Street Entry
18+, $5, 7 PM

Davina and the Vagabonds

Dakota Jazz Club
Saucy Vocals
AA, $10, 7 PM

Monday 4.29.2013

Gordon Lightfoot

State Theatre
Folk Rock
AA, $48.50-$58.50, 7:30 PM

Ivan & Alyosha with Twin Forks and Hope Country

7th Street Entry
Infectious Melodic Hooks
18+, $10/$12, 7 PM

Tuesday 4.30.2013

Palma Violets with Guards

7th Street Entry
Ambient Rock
18+, $12, 8 PM

Where I'm Going

Bleached @ the Turf

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