The best Twin Cities concerts: 3/27-4/2

The best Twin Cities concerts: 3/27-4/2

The end of March is approaching quickly. Thurston Moore brings his new band, Chelsea Light Moving, to the Triple Rock tonight. Har Mar Superstar returns to Minneapolis with a new sound Thursday at the Triple Rock. The Cabooze welcomes Redman this Friday, while Southern California rockers Wavves (above) gets a taste of Minnesota weather while playing the 7th Street Entry. Monday is full of performances featuring Alt-J at the Varsity, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down at the Cedar Cultural Center, Chick Corea and Béla Fleck at the The Dakota Jazz Club and former Jack's Mannequin frontman Andrew McMahon at The Fine Line Music Cafe. 

Wednesday 3.27.2013

Chelsea Light Moving
Triple Rock Social Club
Chelsea Light Moving isn't a name that will jump off the calendar listings and grab attention. Thurston Moore, however, is. His new band comes on the heels of a break-up with longtime Sonic Youth collaborator (and wife) Kim Gordon, and the new band showcases a return to his loud, noisy, and punk-influenced roots. The four-piece band succeeds in large part because it is a band, not a Moore solo effort, and the skills of his cohorts shine through in songs that pay homage to 1980s punk and the New York arts scene. Enjoy this rare chance to catch the 54-year-old rocker in a small venue, before Chelsea Light Moving inevitably jumps to a larger stage. Earplugs are recommended for anyone on the West Bank.  --Loren Green
18+, $14, 8 PM

Hinder with The Last Vegas and Acidic
First Avenue
Alternative Rock
18+, $22.50/$25, 7 PM

Esben and the Witch with Heliotropes and France Camp
7th Street Entry
Ambient Rock
18+, $10, 8 PM

Thursday 3.28.2013

Har Mar Superstar with The Virgins
Triple Rock Social Club
Alternately praised and dismissed for his decade-long run as an ironic, '80s-loving R&B lothario, Minnesota native and current NYC resident Sean Tillmann has wisely reinvented the sound of his Har Mar Superstar alter ego on his forthcoming fifth album, Bye Bye 17. Apparently tired of playing the role of oversexed, skivvies-baring Prince acolyte, Tillmann adopts a classy Motown-friendly sound on lead single "Lady, You Shot Me," not too far removed from the likes of Mayer Hawthorne. No longer saving his "serious" songs for his unjustly overlooked rock band Sean Na Na, Bye Bye 17 is the sound of Tillmann laying it all on the line with newfound sincerity.  --Rob Van Alstyne
18+, $15-$17, 8 PM

Shout Out Out Out Out with Heloise & The Savoir Faire and Tickle Torture
7th Street Entry 
Synth Pop
18+, $10/$12, 8 PM

Friday 3.29.2013

Redman with Big Zach and Absent
Reggie Noble raps like he was born grimy. He set a gold standard for high-grade headknock from his first appearances, starting with his early guest spots alongside the legendary EPMD, and extending into a solo career that took off with a classic, his '92 debut Whut? Thee Album. From there, he put his gravelly voiced blend of dirty-joke boasting and relentless energy through some enduring phases: the MC supergroup Def Squad, his Legion of Doom-style teamup with Method Man, and a seven-strong discography of solo records. A long-awaited sequel to 1996's raw-as-hell fan favorite Muddy Waters has been in the works for a while, and the recently debuted "Lookin' Fly Too" is a surprising, silky-meets-raw sign of what could come -- when even the AutoTuned hook sounds blunted, you know you're dealing with a master of the form.   --Nate Patrin
18+, $22-$25, 9 PM

Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band (LP Release) with Occult Detective Club, Prissy Clerks, and The Right Here
Turf Club
Country Rock Flavor
21+, FREE, 9 PM

Wavves with FIDLAR and Cheatahs
7th Street Entry
Wavves and FIDLAR are both Southern California bands that emerged from punk/DIY/slacker circles. Wavves' Nathan Williams got some help from a professional producer and former Jay Reatard associates Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes to hone his ragged vision and create a punk-pop nugget in 2010's King of the Beach. Wavves' new Afraid of Heights again matches electrifying punk adrenaline with juicy pop hooks often suggestive of the Beach Boys and other mid-'60s groups. And right from the shiny, charging first track, "Sail to the Sun," Williams confirms his priorities haven't changed: "I tell ya what I'm gonna do to get by...first we gotta get high." FIDLAR's punk onslaught is more ferocious, the group's everything-is-fucked attitude more prickly, but they tap an array of raucous rock 'n' roll antecedents similar in temporal origin. And their solution to the prevailing angst is equally time-honored: party hearty with, as the first track of their eponymous debut prescribes, "Cheap Beer." London's Cheatahs, meanwhile, led by Canadian Nathan Hewitt, seem more inspired by early-'90s Brit pop for their mix of swirling guitars and moody vocals.  --Rick Mason
18+, ($16-$18) SOLD OUT, 7 PM

Pert Near Sandstone 7" Release with Cornmeal and The Ragbirds
First Avenue Mainroom
Banjo Rock
18+, $16/$18, 8 PM


Saturday 3.30.2013

Sum 41 with Hollerado
Mill City Nights
Unapologetic Punk Pop
16+, $22/$25, 7 PM

San Cisco with Chaos Chaos
Triple Rock 
Quirky Pop
18+, $14, 8 PM

Ducktails with Monopoly Child Star Searchers and Panther Ray 
Turf Club
Bright Synth Groove
21+, $10, 8 PM

As I Lay Dying and The Devil Wears Prada with For Today and The Chariot
First Avenue Mainroom
Metallic Vitriol
AA, $22/$25, 5 PM

Sunday 3.31.2013

Davina and the Vagabonds
Dakota Jazz Club
Vintage Flavor
AA, $10, 7 PM

Hayden with Lou Canon
Triple Rock Social Club
Songwriting Storytelling 
18+, $15, 7 PM

Bobby Long with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
7th Street Entry
Gritty, Driving Guitar
18+, $10, 8 PM

Monday 4.1.2013

Sky Ferreira and How to Dress Well with High Highs
Triple Rock 
Modern Songwriting
18+, $12, 7 PM

Little Green Cars with John Mark Nelson
7th Street Entry
Dublin Folk Rock
18+, $10.$12, 7:30 PM

Chick Corea + Béla Fleck
Dakota Jazz Club
Pianist Chick Corea and banjoist Béla Fleck last toured as a duo five years ago following the release of their only album, 2007's The Enchantment. Fleck, who has revolutionized banjo repertoire by spreading its scope from bluegrass to jazz and classical, cites Corea's pioneering jazz fusion group Return to Forever as a key early influence. Both men have thrived on taking the art forms of collaboration and improvisation to new heights. The Enchantment is a fascinating musical tangle. Corea's "Señorita" is an exotic Latin dance, the piano and banjo repeatedly challenging each other with florid flourishes. Fleck's countryish "Spectacle" assumes a ragtime air as Corea juxtaposes Fleck's feverish picking with stride-like piano phrases. On "Mountain" Corea adapts the banjo's bluegrass plucking style to the keyboard, while Fleck's lovely "Waltse for Abby" swirls with pastel shades of jazz and classical. This show should be extraordinary in every sense of the word.  --Rick Mason
$70-$100 at 7 PM

Alt-J with Hundred Waters
The Varsity Theater
Distinct Vocals 
18+, SOLD OUT, 8 PM

Sky Ferreira
Triple Rock Social Club
If 2012 had a single that summed up the feeling of cringing through an election-year parade of stomach-turning callousness and cultural ennui, it was the aptly titled "Everything Is Embarrassing." Sky Ferreira's breakthrough song notched attention for the way it bridged indie-pop aesthetic and mainstream-pop aspirations, especially at a time when fewer and fewer people seemed sure of what constituted "indie" and "mainstream" in a recession era. But what really matters is that Ferreira's merger of plaintive emotion and radio-friendly catchiness, of spare, wistful vulnerability and dance-floor accessibility, isn't anathema to the mainstream or indie worlds. It's a pop-scholar ambition that transcends industry connections and gossipy speculation, a singer's craft that carried her through last year's Ghost EP and should find its potential met on the upcoming debut album, I'm Not Alright.  --Nate Patrin
18+, $12, 7 PM

Andrew McMahon with Barcelona and Erland Wanberg
Fine Line Music Cafe
Former Jack's Mannequin Frontman
18+, $28 SOLD OUT, 6:30 PM

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
Cedar Cultural Center
While Thao Nguyen and her backing band the Get Down Stay Down first wowed critics with a record featuring finely wrought folk-pop (2008's stellar We Brave Bee Stings and All), subsequent years have seen their sound take a turn toward rowdier sonic terrain. While select moments on this year's We the Common recall the band's meticulously melodic past (in particular lead single "Holy Roller"), most of the album is wild and wooly, clearly drawing inspiration from forward-thinking contemporaries like tUnE-yArDs. The move toward messiness has pluses and minuses. "The Day Long" feels warped, wobbly, and aimless, but elsewhere Nguyen's newfound ferocity leads to some of her finest work yet (the skewed doo-wop of "Human Heart" is particularly affecting). With Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside. --Rob Van Alstyne
AA, $15, 7:30 PM 

Tuesday 4.2.2013

Madeleine Peyroux
Dakota Jazz Club, TUESDAY 4.2 + WEDNESDAY 4.3
Billie Holiday long has been the dominant influence on Madeleine Peyroux. But another musical icon inspires Peyroux's new album, The Blue Room: Ray Charles; specifically his groundbreaking 1962 album Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music. Then, Charles's crossbreeding of blues, gospel, and jazz with lushly arranged mainstream country was shocking. But it was also a hit, yielding one of his signature pieces: Don Gibson's "I Can't Stop Loving You." Peyroux and producer Larry Klein adopt Charles's genre-blending concept and cover a handful of Modern Sounds' tunes, rounding out the album with songs in a similar story-telling mode from Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, John Hartford, and Leonard Cohen. Peyroux's distinctive versions of the pieces, including her own aching, jazz-inflected renditions of heartbreak and loss, transcend Blue Room's origins, becoming one of her most definitive artistic statements. She will reportedly be backed by her trio and a string quartet. --Rick Mason
$65 at 7 PM, $50 at 9 PM

Mika: And Intimate Evening
The Varsity Theater
Sparkling Pop
16+, $29.50-$39.50, 7 PM

Spaceghostpurrp with Greg Grease
7th Street Entry
Strong Lyrics
18+, $12, 8 PM

Coloring Time
Icehouse Mpls
Improv Collective
21+, FREE, 9 PM

Up Jumped the Devil, Walker Fields and Peter Fonfara
Kitty Cat Klub
Stomp Rock Blues
21+, FREE, 9 PM

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