The Best Quotes From Musicians of 2014


Gimme Noise talks to a lot of musicians over the course of a year. Sometimes a conversation can take a new path if the interviewee is feeling frisky, happy, or irritated.

In 2014, many national acts came through the Twin Cities -- proving that we're not just flyover country -- to share their music and their thoughts. Some conversations were profound, while others were simply uncomfortable.

Jeff Bridges - "It's the human condition. I get anxious before I get in front of a camera or onstage. I still get butterflies, but once I get out there, I feel pretty relaxed. It's like jumping in the ocean. That first wave, you have to let it go over you and swim around."

Vance Joy - "I don't like Forrest Gump -- that's a bit of a scoop for you. 'He wants his fans to know he's not a fan of Forrest Gump.'"

David Lovering of The Pixies - "I like to think that in 2014, we are wiser, but the matter of fact is, you may be older, but wiser means you're just going to put up with a lot more shit."

Pieta Brown - "I decided I wanted to be called 'Deb Rachel Rosie' as a kid. I want to someday write different music -- maybe that can be my stage name."

Jenny Lewis - "Well, I think that's a little presumptuous, honestly. Because how do you know that they're totally personal things? [long pause] If you only wrote from your own experiences, I don't know if that would make for a very exciting listen. People assume I'm always writing about specific things about myself -- and there's an element of that -- but there's always an element of fabrication as well."

Kurt Vile - "Sometimes [the show] could be a train wreck [laughs]. Sometimes it's a charming train wreck. But God forbid, sometimes it's an ugly train wreck with lots of casualties. I guess there's sort of a punk edge to it sometimes, it depends on how we're feeling that day."

Metronomy - "The last time we were there, we ended up at this place -- I can never remember the name of it -- like a strange karaoke piano bar. What's it called? Nye's? Yeah, I just remember that there was this old piano man doing karaoke. We had a great time there -- we'll have to go back."


Michael McDonald - "I remember the first time I saw a celebrity, I had been living in L.A. for a month, and I was at a juice bar in Topanga Canyon -- back then there was nothing like Topanga Canyon. There was guy with waist-long hair that was in front of me in line, and I recognized his voice. I realized it was Bud from Father Knows Best. [laughs] I couldn't believe that, because I watched that show as a kid growing up. My god! Bud! So that was a big thrill for me. I'd never seen a real television star before."

Chris Thile of Nickel Creek - "I'll never be satisfied with my output, but I am very satisfied that I get to do what I'm doing. There's always work to be done, improvements to be made."

Mike Doughty - "I do not read any comments. Please do not tell me what any of the comments say. That's something I learned a long time ago, "Do not read the comments." There is nothing to be gained from reading them."

Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco - "It's always good to get the positive stuff, but I honestly will go online and read some of the comments on my YouTube account. There's no middle ground. Most of it is, 'I really love this band!' and the other stuff is, 'I really HATE this band. Their music sucks.' It's always interesting to me when people feel that strongly about my music."

The Black Keys - "I just don't really know how to run a label at all. I thought it would be a little more self-explanatory, like once you get a distributor and you get a good record, I thought it would all come together. But I found it to be really frustrating. It wasn't about not being able to sell records, or pay for the album. I found myself in this position that I hated, where I was working with bands that I really felt strongly about, and not being able to help them. I felt like I was fucking with friends of mine's dreams, and I felt like there was people that were more suited to handle that stuff."


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