The Best Of Meta May

If the time-frame of Meta's last project H.I.P., which was written and recorded in the space of two weeks, seemed impressive, his current pace is simply staggering. Releasing a song a day under the banner of Meta May, the rapper defines what it means to put in work. Today marks the final day of a 31 song run - all written, recorded and released day of - and in celebration of the wrapping of the project, Meta is performing for Big Ten Thursday tonight at Honey, with Buddah Bless and Haphduzn. All songs from Meta May are made available for free download on Meta's Soundcloud.

Gimme Noise picked the best of the batch (after much back and forth) to showcase here, but the entirety is consistently solid and deserves a listen. 

"Senior" produced by Cory Grindberg (May 5th)

Early on into Meta's song-a-day project, his father passed away. "Senior" was written that very day, and the rawness of the event is evident in this remarkably powerful track. Meta's mother encouraged him to continue working, and told him that his father listened to "Real Time With..." (May 4th's somber, Big Cats!-produced song) before his final rest - "the 1st & last song my dad ever heard of mine", according to Meta's Twitter. Besides the rapper's unparalleled emotional honesty, his impeccable work ethic is shown here: The song deals directly with the difficult time instead of avoiding it, and he continued his promise of dropping a new track each and every day in May.

"Urnt-Tay" featuring Lizzo and Summit, produced by Mr. Corey Fresh (May 8th)

Lizzo and Summit join Meta in the studio ("[I] work on the spot... none of the features heard the beat before they got to the lab. [T]hat's the formula of #MetaMay... improv" said Meta on his Twitter) for a hard-spitting yet chilled track taking on anyone and everyone that feels the need to criticize. The first of what would prove to be many features for the series, Lizzo's confident bars and Summit's smooth hook prove the local hip-hop community's support of the project and their ability to rise to the challenge.

"MayDay" featuring Franz Diego, produced by Cory Grindberg (May 20th)

Audio Perm's Cory Grindberg provides yet another beat, this time with Illuminous 3's Franz Diego providing a guest verse. The energy between the trio is immediate, and it's damn near impossible to remain motionless while hearing the rappers go buck over the gritty snares and tweeked synths. It's impressive to hear a song so amped and tightly written dashed off so quickly.

"B.P." produced by Mike Frey (May 21st)

Pissing out 31 tracks with nothing but overused punchlines and brainless flows would be a difficult enough task, but Meta avoids this and manages to craft fully formed songs that deal with actual issues. Of several politically-minded tracks to pick from, the sparse Mike Frey-produced "B.P." is the strongest, showcasing Meta's trademark skill with intense yet restrained flows and lyrics that paint a vivid picture. 

"Danke" produced by Gmo (May 24th)

Meta's ability to sink into a number of different types of beats is evident throughout Meta May, but he's especially comfortable over Gmo's soulful production, sounding remarkably smooth here on the appreciative "Danke". Putting himself in the context of this particular project, the timing that surrounded it, and the response he's been getting, Meta reflects on his own achievements and concludes by thanking the supporters.

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