The best concerts in the Twin Cities this week

The best concerts in the Twin Cities this week
Photo by Erik Hess

It's the first weekend of the new year! January gets kind of slow, but that's no reason not to brave the cold for your favorite local acts. The Big Pink performs their 8th annual tribute to The Band's Last Waltz. Birthday Suits take over the Turf Club Saturday, while Heaven on Howitzers step in Sunday for their release show. Yes, it's supposed to be cold. Put on an extra pair of socks or something. I don't care, just get out there!

Friday 1.4.2013

Black Church Service with BNLX and The Shams Band
7th Street Entry 
Gritty Rock
18+,$5, 8PM

Big Pink 8th Annual Tribute to The Last Waltz
Celebrating the music of The Band
18+, $12, 8:30PM
This year's 8th Annual Big Pink Tribute to The Last Waltz has expanded to become a two-day affair celebrating the enduring appeal of the music of the Band as celebrated in Martin Scorsese's landmark concert film. Friday night features the Belfast Cowboys, the sprawling nine-piece rock band featuring Terry Walsh and a host of other local talent, and Saturday brings the uplifting blues-rock of the Lamont Cranston Band. There should be plenty of special guests spread throughout the weekend dropping by to lend their musical talents to the festivities. --Erik Thompson

Saturday 1.5.2013
Turf Club's 7th Annual January Blowout with Birthday Suits, Blind Snake, STNNG and Seawhores
Turf Club
Out of Control

The Turf Club has the perfect rocking remedy to your post-holiday blues, as this year's 7th Annual January Blowout features the muscle and pizazz of Birthday Suits, the Blind Shake, STNNNG, and Seawhores. The raucous two-piece Birthday Suits are coming off a triumphant recent opening set for Japandroids, while the Blind Shake finished a successful U.S. tour in support of their blistering new album, Seriousness. STNNNG just won over a whole new set of fans in the U.K. with a boisterous performance at the Shellac-curated ATP Festival, and are set to release their highly anticipated new record,

Empire Inward

, in early 2013. And Seawhores add their own potent mark on the musical mayhem on offer at the Turf, which will get the new year started with an emphatic bang. --Erik Thompson

21+, $8, 9PM

Shakin' Babies with Real Numbers 
Kitty Cat Klub
Retro Throwback
21+, $5, 9PM

Big Pink 8th Annual Tribute to The Last Waltz
Celebrating the music of The Band
18+, $12, 8:30PM

Sunday 1.6.2013
Sisters of Swing:Tribute to the Andrews Sisters
Dakota Jazz Club 
Classic Female Trio
AA, $10, 7PM

Heaven on Howitzers release show with Paragraphs and Falcon Arrow
Turf Club 
Experimental Soundscapes
21+, $5, 8PM

Three gents from a variety of talented local acts, including Prissy Clerks, Hollow Boys, and S M M N R, have a beast of an atmospheric experimental outfit in Heaven on Howitzers. Guitarist Tim Leick Jr., drummer Cole Benson, and keyboardist Ali Jaafar aligned for a trippy new recording titled

Hum "I" Eternally at the Heart of the Universe

. Recorded locally at Ecstattic Studio, the release so far will be confined to a small number of tapes, but the epic soundscapes surge far beyond the cassette's plastic casing. Let their grandiose melodies -- reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor and Mogwai -- be a gleaming entry into 2013. --Reed Fischer

Monday 1.7.2013
Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers with Dakota Dave Hull
Turf Club 
Classic Country 
21+, $5, 7PM

Tuesday 1.8.2013
Audio Perm
Amsterdam Bar & Hall 
Hip Hop Showcase
21+, FREE, 9PM

Gabe Douglas 
Weekly Show 
21+, FREE, 9PM

Part Mammal with Youth at Large and My Name is Ellipsis
7th Street Entry
Reverb Drenched
18+, $5, 7PM

Pony Trash 
Turf Club
Weekly Residency 
21+, $5, 8PM

Where I'm Going:
Andrews Sisters Tribute @ The Dakota (Sunday)

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