"The Ballad of Jill Hennessy" lives on

class=img_thumbleft>Remember when Law & Order was good? Remember when Minneapolis bands wrote great dream-pop hooks? The writing on the original TV series tanked not long after the show decided to kill off actress Jill Hennessy's character in a traffic accident in 1996. The local band Mollycuddle broke up four years later, but Hennessy loved the group's 1998 song "The Ballad of Jill Hennessy" enough that she's still talking about the band on national television years later. Hosts on The Today Show asked her about the tune last Friday, and the State subsequently reported that the song was played on the soundtrack of Hennessy's final episode (though this can't be right, can it? unless we're talking a re-edited version of the show--Hennessy didn't hear the song until 1999). Listen to the track here at