The Bachelor Farmer's Kräftskiva block party is Saturday: Guess the headliner!

The long-awaited live return of the Cloak Ox in progress this weekend.

The long-awaited live return of the Cloak Ox in progress this weekend.

Picture it now, if you can. Ice-cold Aquavit is buzzing through your over-21 body, and meatballs and chilled crayfish are populating your stomach. Come Saturday, August 3, this will all be a reality at the Kräftskiva block party held at the Minneapolis restaurant the Bachelor Farmer.

While you bury your nose in a sno-cone, expect to hear music from the Cloak Ox, Joey Ryan & the Inks, and DJ Jonathan Ackerman. This is already set to be an evening of scintillating entertainment, but there is a huge asterisk. A dark horse, if you will. A "very special guest," even if you won't. Anyhow, the day's headliner will be announced before the event begins, but we're gonna make it a little interesting. TBF has actually sanctioned that we field your guesses here. Update: We can tell you who it is now!

We'll take a moment to run down what we know about the day's already announced music.

There's the workaholic prowess of DJ Jonathan Ackerman in play here. Sure, this dude is tall, but his legacy behind the decks is unmatched in Minneapolis.

And, City Pages pals Joey Ryan & the Inks just released a breezy new EP called Pause earlier this year, and they jokingly told us that they're going to go through the rest of the VCR buttons on future EPs. Note that the crawfish is actually Joey Ryan's favorite member of the crustacean family. Here they are:

The Cloak Ox -- a local supergroup of sorts featuring Andrew Broder, Martin Dosh, Jeremy Ylvisaker, and Mark Erickson -- won our Picked to Click poll in 2011, and then went into hiding. Kind of. Actually they got to work on their debut album, Shoot the Dog. The record drops on September 17 via Totally Gross National Product, and it features collaborations with TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, Justin Vernon, and Dark Dark Dark's Nona Marie Invie. Spin is streaming the song "Pigeon Lung" here. Not too shabby, guys.

So, we leave it to you, faithful readers. Which act fills out the fourth point of the polygon? We will take your guesses in the comments field. Per their contract, the actual headliner for the event will be announced on Saturday morning.

Update: It is now Saturday morning! [Yawn] The Kräftskiva headliner is the Shouting Matches -- featuring Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Brian Moen, and perhaps some special guests. They performed at First Avenue on Friday, and it was a treat. Here's Gimme Noise's interview with the guys.

Set Times:

5 p.m. - DJ Jonathan Ackerman
6 p.m. - Joey Ryan and the Inks
7:15 p.m. - The Cloak Ox
8:30 p.m. - Shouting Matches

Ackerman will play between sets.

Bragging rights will be yours, and we can also offer up one of our 2013 10 Thousand Sounds festival posters, designed by Burlesque of North America, to our winner.

Kräftskiva block party. 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday, August 3, at the Bachelor Farmer, Second Avenue North between North First Street and Azine Way. RSVP here.

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