"The Alex From Target Song" Gets a C+ From Us

A guy named Alex who works at Target.

A guy named Alex who works at Target.

Ebola who? Let's talk about Alex From Target.

Over the weekend, this guy pictured above became the toast of "Teen Twitter," and the hashtag #alexfromtarget grew into legend. Of course, a song about this guy working for the Minnesota-based company -- at a store in Texas -- wasn't far behind. What follows is the song and some crabby hipsters' snap judgement in real time.


Tatiana: omg. why.

me: i give this song a C+.

Tatiana: haha. solid C. sharps and flats everywhere.

me: it has a couple moments.

Tatiana: but A for effort and fast lyric writing. she's no sia, but it's also about a kid that works at target.

me: "my parents can't get in my way."

Tatiana: if alex from target made my life complete, i would be so sad.

me: also i like that there's a YouTube comment pitting him against jake from state farm ads.

Tatiana: this girl needs to monetize. she's getting more pageviews now than she ever has. she could be making bank.

me: i bet if she got like dr luke or rick rubin to help, this would be a hit.

Tatiana: ew dr luke.

me: ok not dr luke.

Tatiana: this girl's already singing about alex from target -- she doesn't need more drama.


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