The Absent Arch heat up the Triple Rock


The Absent Arch's Will Markwardt. Photo by Alexa Jones.

In my column this week, I wrote about the first time I saw The Absent Arch and how impressed I was by their balance and performance despite the fact that they were crammed in the corner of their trumpet player's living room. Impressively, the band was able to transfer the loose-yet-polished feel of their house party performance to the stage of the Triple Rock on Friday night, defrosting the bundled-up audience with their organic charm.

The Absent Arch have an understandably wide appeal, playing roots-based folk music that calls on instruments like the viola, trumpet, and acoustic guitar to create a plush, warm sound. At times, lead singer Will Markwardt reminded me of The Frames' lead singer and Once film star Glen Hansard with his ability to take a vocal melody from a delicate whisper to a throaty, heart-wrenching wail. Anyone paying attention to the burgeoning roots revival movement in the Twin Cities would do well to check out this band and their stellar debut album, Keep Calm and Carry On.

Openers A Paper Cup Band are another folk-based rock act to keep an eye on; their tight compositions and yelping vocal melodies led my friend Kyle to aptly remark that their had the feel of indie rock pioneers Pavement. See for yourself at their MySpace page.