The 4onthefloor releases "Mumford & Sons Crap"


After submitting to an interview (with a now-passionate comments field) regarding Howler frontman Jordan Gatesmith's comments about them, the 4onthefloor is back today with a song named after his description of the band. "Mock Duck/Mumford & Sons Crap" is set to the tune of the far-more-famous British folk-rock act's ubiquitous "The Cave."

Here, we find Gabriel Douglas and five pals playing the song, which is like a recipe for M&S acoustic bliss to some ears -- and like shards of glass to others. Amusement.


Lyrically, this comes off more like a Prairie Home Companion sketch than anything the band would seriously play live. "We will sing so loud/ and make Minneapolis proud/ and sing in harmony/ but that's not so punk, you see/ so we call it mock duck."

It ends with a map of the world, and a red line that extends the distance from London to Minneapolis. Surely this is just a reference to where Mumford & Sons hails compared to where the 4onthefloor currently resides.

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