The 4onthefloor Go All In On Kickstarter to Connect with Their Fans

From the very beginning, the 4onthefloor have forged a deep and lasting connection with their fans. From their energetic live shows to their emphatic recorded work, the bluesy, garage-rock stomp of the Minneapolis quartet has resonated strongly with music lovers throughout Minnesota and beyond.

Once again, the group has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their forthcoming new album, All In, and are offering cool, distinctive rewards to all their fans who contribute. The campaign draws to a close on April 16, with their funding goal nearly reached. This all is leading up to their hometown record release show at First Avenue on May 22. Ahead of the album's release, we caught up with singer/guitarist Gabe Douglas to get his insights into how Kickstarter has helped bring the band to a wider audience, and the tight bond that the group has forged with their fans over the years.

"We're definitely an independent band, so having the help of a pre-order is monumental in making sure we have the proper resources to make our 3rd LP and release tour a success," explains Douglas. "We've used Kickstarter in the past and have had huge success with putting the ball in our fan's hands."

And as of now, the fans have shown their support for the group in a major way, contributing nearly $8,000 of the group's $10,000 goal with over a week left. And that overwhelming generosity and assistance from their supporters clearly means the world to the band.

"We play music for people, and they have kept this band alive," says Douglas. "We would not be the band we are without the people that come out to our shows, buy our albums, and share our work with others."

Douglas makes clear that the Kickstarter contributions are put towards good use, especially for their vinyl-loving music fans. "With the money raised, we'll be printing the record, having promotional materials made up, and be able to do all the artwork that will accompany the vinyl & digital release."

He also goes on to say that the sooner they can hit their goal, the more surprises they will announce. "We're hoping to hit our goal and announce some stretch goals, should we have more time on the clock," says Douglas. "The quicker we hit our goal, the sooner surprises and prizes will get out to the backers. With a service like Kickstarter, it gives us an established and easy way to get our product directly from our hands to our fan's hands. And as a music enthusiast, I love the connection you can have with your favorite bands in the 21st Century."

As for the 4onthefloor's highly anticipated new album, All In, Douglas is understandably thrilled about their new batch of songs, and anxious to share them with the fans.

"The new album is ferocious, fast, and fun. All the things that have been the cornerstones of this band since day one," says Douglas. "I'm really proud of it, and All In is a very real sentiment. This band and I are putting EVERYTHING we have into and behind this album. It's also an inclusive record. It's for everybody. This isn't an exclusive club. This is joy everybody can be a part of. We're All In."

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