The 4onthefloor debut new song "HOLD" for 4th of July


The 4onthefloor are all about the themes: Four dudes, four kick drums, and songs played in 4/4 time make up the backbone of their sweaty and swooning live shows. So it's no surprise that lead singer Gabe Douglas and Co. are jumping at the chance to rock this 4thofJuly weekend, and they want us to rock along, too. 

The band has just released a teaser track, "HOLD," from their forthcoming summer EP, and not only does it fit all their 4onthefloor criteria (4/4 time, and playing off the theme of Independence Day), but it also manages to capture some of that riotous call-and-response swagger that makes their live shows so fun.

[jump] Gimme Noise is happy to provide you with a first listen here. You can also download it for a limited time below (click the downward-pointing arrow).