The 400 Bar's 79-year-old bar is for sale

The 400 Bar's 79-year-old bar is for sale

The future of the storefront at 400 Cedar Avenue is still hazy, but it definitely won't have the 400 Bar's massive redwood bar -- a custom piece that has apparently stood in the space since December of 1933. With the announcement in December the bar is closing, it's time to empty out.

According to a new listing part of the 400 Bar's "everything must go"-style auction -- they really mean EVERYTHING -- the 30-foot bar was reportedly installed in the space a day after the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed, repealing Prohibition. This would be before the saloon was even named the 400 Bar! So, with a starting bid of $5,000, and a "buy it now" price of $50,000, a supposed 79-year-old centerpiece of carousing and live music on the West Bank can be yours. 

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From the eBay listing:

The fact that this bar has been used since the 1930's is a testament to it's quality. The most valuable elements of the bar are accounted for and in good shape. A great patina on the Back Bar mirrors. There are occassional markings in the REDWOOD bar top which, rather than detract from the quality, only add to it's historic value. The 30 foot bar rail is STRAIGHT, as visible in the photos. (5 cabinet doors are missing. The pine support to the main bar is in ok condition. The Back Bar's cabinet INTERIOR is simple pine and in ok condition. These elements are pine and separate from the bar's value; easily replaceable if desired.)

Just as was a concern with the piano that went up for grabs a few days ago, buyers have to be aware that these are some huge pieces of wood. And so it's up to any upstart barkeep to understand that this has to be removed from the space within a week of purchase, and any damage incurred is entirely their problem.

If you do bid on, or end up purchasing the bar, please let us know.

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