The 400 Bar auction is open for business

The 400 Bar auction is open for business

For anyone who cares to own a piece of the 400 Bar's music history, the West Bank venue has put up several keepsakes from the space. Just last week, news came of the bar's closing after three decades of hosting live music officially -- and more years of being a Cedar Avenue landmark prior to that.

And now the old implements are up for sale. One of the most visually compelling of the batch is the red upright piano. As the listing points out, "Both the JAYHAWKS and WILLIE MURPHY played this legendary piano during their WEEKLY residencies at the 400 Bar."

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The bidding is currently at $500 for the item. Although, "Please note - the piano is up one flight of stairs."

There are 38 items currently up for grabs on eBay. Others worth a peep are the old signage declaring past acts at the venue.

The 400 Bar auction is open for business

There's also old graffiti-covered benches, framed posters featuring local luminaries, Elvis memorabilia, a cigarette machine, tap handles, a mixing console, and speakers.

Basically, if you wanted to turn your basement or garage into a 400 Bar museum, much of the items you would need are on sale here. And a Michael Jackson record player.

Happy bidding!

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