The 104 Twin Cities music photographers you nominated

The 104 Twin Cities music photographers you nominated
Photo by Erik Hess; slideshow here.

We asked, and you nominated your favorite Twin Cities photographers like crazy over the past week. With 675 comments and nearly that many emails to work with, we received more than 100 serious submissions. Now, with the help of a local panel of writers, editors, musicians, and others, we'll discuss and come back with a shortlist -- soon.

Below, you'll find an alphabetical list of every music photographer nominee and their website (for most) to check out what they've done.

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Adam Bettcher (website)
Adam Bubolz (website)
Adam DeGross / Subculture Photography (website)
Adam Grim (website)
Adrienne Chaya / Seven Four Photography (website)
AJ Schara / ApplJax Photography (website)
Alexa Jones (website)
Amal Flower Kay (website)
Angela Lundberg (website)
Angie Lembo (website)
Anna Gulbrandsen (website)
Arlen Hanson
Ayanna Muata / Waning Moon Photography (website)
Ben Clark (website)
Billy Briggs / BBGunBilly (website)
Brian Doyle (website)
Brian Grenz (website)
Brian Pfeffer / Cranial Industries Design and Media (website)
Cameron Wittig (website)
Carmen Bernu (website)
Chad Rieder (website)
Chris Anderson
Chris McDuffie Photography (website)
Christine Wisch (website)
Chuck Ryan (website)
Colin Kopp (website)
Colton Otte / BlueG Productions (website)
Cori Miller (website)
Courtney Perry (website)
Dan Corrigan (website)
Dan Norman (website)
Daniel Brakke (website)
David McCrindle (website)
Dylan Randolph (website)
Eamon Coyne (website)
Elliot Malcolm / Dharma Hype (website)
Emanuel Suarez (website)
Emily Utne (website)
Eric Elvendahl (website)
Erik Blume (website)
Erik Hess / Fivesixzero (website)
George Roedler (website)
Graham Tolbert (website)
Izzy Commers (website)
Jake Handegard (website)
James Risser (website)
Jamie Miles / Xpressive Images (website)
Jeff Mozey (website)
Jenn Barnett (website)
Jessie Lyn Matz / Koolaydium (website)
Jim McFarlane / One Man Tough Crowd (website)
Joe Lemke (website)
Jon Behm (website)
Joshua Schave (website)
Julian Ochoa (website)
Kalei Dawn Bumatai / Down Spout Photography (website)
Kasey Jean Noll (website)
Kelly Bakke / Kix (website)
Keri Zimmerman (website)
Kime Cieszynski Photography (website)
Kyle Hansen (website)
Kyle Kotajarvi (website)
Lars Kommienezuspadt / Made in Eighty (website)
Leslie Plesser / Shuttersmack (website)
Lisa Ophoven (website)
Marc James (website)
Marcos J. Soria / Wicked Pixel Photography (website)
Mark N. Kartarik (website)
Mark Walentiny
Matt Vogel (website)
Maxwell McGruder / Dapperman Studios (website)
Melissa Hesse (website)
Meredith Westin (website)
Michael Radke / deafening eyes photography (website)
Mike Minehart (website)
Nate Ryan (website)
Neza S.G (website)
Nick Patton / North Bass Media (website)
Nick Wosika (website)
Oliver Kriston (website)
Pamela Diedrich (website)
Peter Jamus (website)
Rebecca McDonald / B Fresh (website)
Rick Fisher (website)
Ryan Cutler (website)
Ryan Siverson (website)
Sara Montour (website)
Sara Simple (website)
Scott Welsch / F5 Entertainment (website)
Serah Sauser (website)
Shane Flanery (website)
Spencer Flohr (website)
Stacy Schwartz (website)
Steven Cohen (website)
Steve Poons / S. Poons (website)
Susannah Prewitt (website)
Tanner Morris (website)
Tim McGuire / Helium Dolphin (website)
Tommy Williams (website)
Tony Nelson (website)
Tyler Ringhand (website)
Uche Iroegbu / Uchefotography (website)
Wally Agboola (website)
Zoe Prinds-Flash (website)

Finalist Methodology: We'll narrow this list by looking closely at the portion of a photographer's work that relates to music events and musicians. Some of these photographers are/were employed by City Pages, but they will not participate in our discussions regarding finalists.

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