That's Incredible (ex-Soviettes) release 7"

That's Incredible (ex-Soviettes) release 7"
Cheryl Groff

That's Incredible is a new band out of San Pedro, California but, at least until they have a few releases under their belt, they'll be identified by their previous bands. The Minnesota tie-in is bassist Susy Sharp, formerly of the Soviettes, who recently played a one-off reunion in St. Paul.

Other members have played in Toys That Kill, Killer Dreamer, and Dick Army. While comparisons to previous work are an easy trap for a reviewer to fall into, with That's Incredible, it's hard to ignore the familiarity on their first self-titled 7" release.

The record starts inconspicuously with "Aquanet," a straight-forward pop punk song with a repetitive chorus defined by Sean Cole's voice and riff work. It's upbeat and catchy, but doesn't stick with you afterward. However, when Sharp takes over vocals for "It's All Good," there's an added bounce to the tempo, with the song being so sweet it's borderline saccharine. A full record of this would be too much, but a single song in the middle is the perfect pick-me-up that starts the record's momentum build. Side B continues with more ruckus, in the Cole-Matt Braun dual-vocal "80 Doing 90" with the standout lyric: "Behind every lonely sailor/ here's a thousand little failures/ just like the thousand more/ that cast me out to sea." The record ends on "Magnetic Hands," with Cole continuing on lead vocals. The melodic flair and his vocal registry reminds of Toys That Kill, but Sharp's harmonies give it a less sloppy, more precise feel.

That's Incredible's debut is clearly a sum of its parts, and is recommended listening for fans of the members' prior work. It starts strongly and raises the bar with each song, perfectly pacing the four songs to suit their strengths, and ending with a melody that sticks in your head and urges to reset the needle.

For more on the That's Incredible 7", check out It's Alive Records.

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