That's hott: the MMAA celebrates Minnesota comic artists

Originally popular for being a playground for bombastically patriotic superheroes of anatomical impossibility, the inhabitants of today’s graphic novels have branched out, from autobiographical tales of philosophical battles fought amidst a mundane landscape, to fantastical characters whose adventures force them to grapple with issues of morality, comics have moved beyond simple definition into an expansive and varied art form.

Over the years, Minnesota has played an important role nationally in the growth of comics, be it through training programs specifically designed to shape comic artists, to developments in do–it–yourself printing presses. Some artists remain respected figures of the comic underground, while others have been recruited by major companies like DC Comics and Marvel.

This Saturday, the Minnesota Museum of American Art will celebrate Minnesota comics with the opening of "Hot Ink: Comic Art in Minnesota." The exhibit, running through February 2009, will feature inked panels, sketchbooks, mini comics, and graphic novels by 16 artists, including Zak Sally, King Mini (whose work is pictured in this post), Tyler Page, Andy Singer, and Big Time Attic, among many others.

The opening party will set you back $10, and runs from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, with drinks and dancing throughout the night. Keep an eye out for related events—animation workshops and screenings are planned to compliment the show over the next couple months.

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