That face Slug from Atmosphere makes when this kid puts an arm around him [VIDEO]

Atmosphere and Aaron Fogelson will not be hitting the road together.

Atmosphere and Aaron Fogelson will not be hitting the road together.

Aaron Fogelson is not a good interviewer. This, we think, is the point. 

Fogelson hosts "Inside the Dogghouse" on WHRB, the Harvard College student radio station, where he nervously interviews touring musical acts, bringing awkward banter to some of the brightest students in America.

Fogelson has taken to filming some of these for video. This has not lessened the awkwardness.

His most recent "get" was Twin Cities rap scene icon Slug from Atmosphere, who shared a couch with the effusive, fast-talking 20-year-old. Slug seems like he's in on the joke. But man, the vibes between these two are just, like, different, man. 

Fogelson gives Slug a variety of gifts, each of them purchased from a dollar store. These include a giant lollipop, a pink sippy-cup, and Spongebob Squarepants candy.

Slug tries to rebrand the items to make 'em a little more rap game-friendly: The sippy-cup will be used for "pimp juice," and the candy will be given to the "hottest TSA agent" he can find at the airport. 

At one point, Fogelson puts his arm around the voice of Atmosphere, inspiring Slug to stare right into the camera with a "WTF" look. 

It's shtick, and there's little chance Slug went into the interview with no idea how much geekiness he'd encounter. Still, it's fun to watch a guy who is, by profession, one of the cool guys, go face-to-face with a guy who is, by nature, not.