Text-message my heart!

Text message my heart!
By Amelia Huff, age 10


I know youv'e all herd the news by now. Mario Vasquez (the cute spanish guy!!!!11) quit American Idol. Rumor has it he is a Lesbian.  I dont care if he is or he isnt, I will still ask my mom to buy his CD when it comes out. I am Preesbaterian and we dont mind if pepole are gay, only if they do not put a doller in the basket. I felt that Mario was the most talented person on the show. It seems like he had lots of singing practice in Mexico.He was probly very Poor in Mexico so its amazing that he found time off the streets in order to practice singing. Its Inspiring! When a Spanish person suceeds!

A spanish person i dont like is Catharine Zeta Jones. She was cool in The Mask of Zorro, but her T-Mobile comercials make me want to Barf my Fruit Snacks. Her face is looking wrong all of a sudden. Her skin looks all tite. Its like she looks like my cousin Devin's gecko. The gecko is named Amelia. LOL! I think that means Devin likes me. Only cousins cant get married, says my mom, because  there babies will have tails. And they will look like Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle and have kidney problems and never grow up. So I guess Im not marrying Devin, even though I love ALL babies  even if they have tails.

Tomorow is the sceince fair. I am bringing my mom's Roomba. I did an experiment to see if the roomba would still clean the whole room even if I put legos on the rug. It did. But now our whole townhouse smells like Melted Plastic! So I give the Roomba a C-. My moms boyfreind says I should be punished for breaking the Roomba but I didnt. The legos did. He just wants me to go to my room so he can have all the Dippin' Strips Pizza and I dont ever get any.

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