Test your Doomtree knowledge, win insane schwag

How well do you know Doomtree?

How well do you know Doomtree?

Think you're the ultimate Doomtree fanboy/fangirl? Time to put some skin in the game.

After a week of teasing, Minneapolis hip-hop paragons Doomtree have finally unveiled Pop Quiz, Hot Shot, their heavily incentivized trivia portal. Consisting of 16 challenges, one released each day through September 30, the test of knowledge asks fans to identify lyrics from the crew's January release All Hands based on opaque clues.

The contest rewards fans who have pop-culture acumen for being able to suss out references in the group's lyrics. For example, yesterday's inaugural brainteaser showed a picture of Sims and Paper Tiger balancing crane-style on boulders in an obvious homage to The Karate Kid and (spoiler alert) Sims' opening line from "Final Boss."

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot is brilliantly and fluidly designed, featuring astounding work from Minneapolis design firm Clockwork. Lazerbeak went a little deeper into the origins of game, which he calls "equal parts Rap Genius and Trivial Pursuit," on his weekly Tuesdays with Lazerbeak column on Doomtree's site, mentioning that players will also be given hints by local institutions such as 89.3 the Current, Glam Doll Donuts, and Trivia Mafia.

What awaits privy hip-hop heads? A veritable treasure chest of goodies straight from Wings and Teeth HQ. 

Just playing daily enters you into a drawing to win Doomtree tickets, digital copies of All Hands, and webstore credit, but the grand prizes are much more tantalizing. Lucky contestants can win one of every single item in the Doomtree store, backstage passes, and airfare to any Doomtree show in the country, or a signed test pressing of All Hands that comes with the ship-in-bottle featured on the album cover. After the top prizes are handed out, a trio of more personal rewards becomes available, including the chance to have Dessa and Lazerbeak act as your personal life coaches.

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot will conclude three days prior to October 3's Doomtree Zoo at CHS Field, the latest incarnation of the rowdy local cadre''s annual celebration.