Terry Eason four months into his 'Song-A-Day' project

Terry Eason four months into his 'Song-A-Day' project

Terry Eason has long been a part of the Twin Cities music scene. Hailing from Saint Paul, Eason has played in several of his own bands, including the legendary North Equator Nine, Ultrasonics, Pronounced Eggtree and Eason as well as handling six-string duty with Wendy Lewis's Rhea Valentine, Dylan Hicks, and most recently the folk-rock-dadaists Patches and Gretchen.

Busy on his own as a stay-at-home dad, Eason still has time to make his own music and since the beginning of the year has taken on his biggest musical task yet his "Song-A-Day" video series. Ambitious or insane, Eason takes the folk ethic and discipline of making himself create new songs and music along with visual images to accompany and enhance each piece in the end creating a whole new medium for his work.

Following along with Eason by subscribing to his YouTube channel, you get the consistently scrolling selections of his latest creation with daily updates. Often inspired by the moment each vinette provides a look into the mind of Eason as an artist who relates the music inside his head to the objects, scenery, and people around him. Most often Eason's two daughters make cameos, sing vocals, and provide some of the visual art for the short films.

The beauty of this technology is the ability for the artist to present themselves in multiple mediums, and it gives Eason, who tends to be criminally under-appreciated in these parts, the opportunity to reach out and build on new ideas that will likely find greater fruition as his project evolves.

So, starting with today's edition we bring some of the best of Terry's "Song-A-Day" videos so far. We'll likely revisit these again on the blog as the spring and summer -- which no doubt should elicit cheerier vibes -- roll by.

"Barnstock Twice Removed" 4/14/11

"You Don't Have to Pay for This" 4/13/11

"Flying like Album Rock" from 1/20/11

"I Can't Pretend Anymore, But I Will" from 1/24/11

"Dens of Terror and Sabotage" from 2/22/11

"Stay-cation Heart" from 3/27/11

"Nervous Wreck for Now" from 3/29/11

"Toy Boats" from 4/7/11

Here's Terry discussing his "Song-A-Day" project with Chris Roberts on MPR.

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