Ten Second Film Festival: Party after the fireworks

(photo by John Kratz)

A lot can happen in 10 seconds in Minneapolis. It's a little like a New York minute, only more mellow. Ten seconds also makes a great time amount for short attention spans and low-budget (or zero budget) cinema. This Saturday after Red, White, and Boom! you can check out this screening of 100 ten-second films.

The party goes down this Saturday at the Soap Factory (518 2nd St. SE, Minneapolis, 612.623.9176). After the fireworks the outdoor celebration begins with film screenings, rock music from local band the Debut, tiki torches, and beer. Current DJ Barb Abney, Vita.MN's Alexis from Alexis of the Sexes, and others will judge the awesomeness of each short.

For more info on the event, check out A lot of mature situations can happen in 10 seconds, so leave the kids at home if you choose to attend.

Curious as to what a 10 second film looks like? Check out some of these past contributors:

Requiem for a Dream Bear:



2007 Winner, Moment of Zen:


2007 Winner, Working Relationships:


2007 Winner, What Would Jesus Do?:


2007 Winner, I Ain't Sammy Hagar:


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