Temple Of The Dog reunites at Pearl Jam show

Temple Of The Dog reunites at Pearl Jam show

Temple Of The Dog-- last known photograph.

Good lord. It's enough 90s flannel revivalism to make even the most hardened Pearl Jam fan roll the eyes (here's looking at you, Campbell).

At last night's show at L.A.'s Gibson Amphitheater, Chris Cornell did a walk-on during Pearl Jam's set to perform "Hunger Strike," the infuriatingly viral hit from 90s superband Temple Of The Dog.

What's next--a P reunion?

Unlikely. Unlike Cornell, Gibby Haynes and Johnny Depp have an abundance of dignity and a deficiency in free time.

It's the first time this undying 90s nugget of mutual admiration has been together in over a decade. Hey--whatever your feeling are about Pearl Jam and Temple Of the Dog, give yourself a few minutes to peep the video above. Say what you will--Cornell still sounds awfully damned good for a deposed grunge rocker in the 21st century.

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