Teenage Moods tonight at Memory Lanes

The difference between ProTools and a four track is the difference between an email and a letter. We'd put down even money that you've misplaced the lion's share of burned CDs you've been given over the years, but that you've kept every mix tape.

The point? Humanity is an analog species. And though the world is quickly digitizing, there are, thankfully, stalwart holdouts like Teenage Moods to keep our letters hand written and our music on glorious magnetic tape.

Teenage Moods, filmed by VainMainstream.

They'll be playing with Sleeping In the Aviary tonight at Memory Lanes, a Madison troupe of like minded musicians. Call them basement pop, call them alt folk, call them whatever rock crit term you'd like--Sleeping In The Aviary is captivating enough to have earned a spot on our best local albums of 2008. Not bad for out-of-towners.

Analog isn't just a technological term. It doesn't simply describe the spots that lie between the 0s and 1s, with which digital media is morbidly obsessed. Analog means folded paper fortune tellers. It means giving a zine to a friend. It means that you care.

When you see Teenage Moods, and hear their eponymous debut (yes, it's on CD--but Gordon, Taylor, and Jillian have disseminated enough tapes through the years to earn that right), you'll hear music that was sculpted by hand to the very last note.

21+. 9:00 P.M. Free. With Zombie Season. Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Avenue South, Minneapolis; 612.721.6211.

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