Teen rap phenom Lil Yachty hits the ice rink in his 'Minnesota' music video

You're weird as fuck, Lil Yachty. We dig it.

You're weird as fuck, Lil Yachty. We dig it. YouTube

Lil Yachty is from Atlanta, but the oddball 19-year-old rapper is becoming a star on the buzz of single "Minnesota." 

Skating atop scuffed samples and plinked piano keys, the track's chirpy, infectious hook flows thusly: "You need to stay up out them streets if you can't take the heat / 'Cause it get cold like Minnesota, cold like Minnesota."

Hey, we live there!

Which is why Friday's drop of the long-awaited "Minnesota" music video is so important for our state. In it, we see Yachty and his Sailing Team crew clowning at the ice rink -- cruising on an "ice resurfacer" (the un-chill suits at Zamboni Co. asked City Pages to clarify that it's not, in fact, a Zamboni machine), getting turnt in the locker room, and, eventually, smashing a frozen effigy of Yachty. 

Here's the cold, hard evidence: 

In October, Yachty riffed on "Minnesota" in a Sprite ad starring LeBron James. In a move that can only be described as cold like Minnesota, Yachty declined our numerous attempts to interview him about the song earlier this year.

As retribution, here's a clip of our man absolutely owning himself on a slam-dunk attempt from Tuesday: