Taylor Swift steals Twin Cities child (on Instagram)

In the Oedipal depths of our minds, we've all considered what being mothered by Taylor Swift would be like. 

For at least one Twin Cities tot, that crazy scenario became a visual reality. That's because Minneapolis dad Josiah Titus, clearly not lacking free time, created the HankandTaylor Instagram account. On it, his three-and-a-half-year-old son Hank hits various Twin Cities hot spots with a Photoshopped T-Swift in tow. The gag photos come equipped with tongue-in-cheek captions like this one, reflecting the above photo: "Hank was like, 'Why a cherry? Why not something you actually eat with a spoon?' Taylor was like, 'Because sometimes it's the non sequiturs that make the most sense.'" The results are best described as totally cute. Or totally weird. Or whatever. 

The important thing is this: If the high-water mark for fatherhood is imparting invaluable life lessons, Hank learned an essential one about leveraging viral content in the internet age. 

Here are some select adventures of young Hank and fake Taylor. 

A photo posted by @hankandtaylor on

Update! We got HankandTaylor creator Josiah Titus on the phone to talk about his project. 

On the Instagram account, which he created on a friend's suggestion: "About a year ago, when Hank was two and a half, the first singles off 1989 were becoming huge hits. I wasn’t really that aware of her; I’m more of a jazz, deeper track sort of guy. But when [Hank] asked us to stop on the radio when we heard her music, it caught my attention. And on his birthday, the first post, we gave him the record. It actually became a record I started to really love, too. More than anything, I didn’t want to stand in his way of loving music. To revel in his first musical love was really the origin. The more I did it, the more fun I had with it and the more fun Hank had with it.”

On Taylor Swift: “I mean for it to be a compliment to Taylor Swift. I have nothing but respect for her. If he’s going to have a first musical love, she’s the person to love. I would definitely consider myself a Swifty now. A year ago, I wouldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth. On a very genuine level, she knows what it feels like to be empowered and she wants other people to feel empowered, too.”

On whether Hank knows he's famous: “We don’t know. He knows people are talking. He’s three and a half. We’re not trying to con him into anything. I think of it as an art project. The minute it’s not fun for him, it’s gonna be done. He still loves Taylor Swift; he still loves looking through the account. It’s not meant to confuse him. If anything, we’ve downplayed it."