Tax day mixtape


Tax day, the way our founding fathers envisioned it.

Good old tax day. You know, it wasn't all THAT long ago that tax day brought American citizens out of their homes to pitch tea crates into the ocean in a show of protest of some kind.

While Gimme Noise hits the books and figures out just what got everyone so worked up that December morning in 1773, we trust that many of our good readers are stealing peaks at Gimme Noise between frantic grapplings with Turbo Tax and W2's. So, to help make this day a little more cathartic, if not expedient, we kindly offer you a mix of songs to get you through. Enjoy!

You can fight the power, but, uh, you should probably still pay your taxes.

  1. Fortunate Son-- Creedence Clearwater Revival

2. Fight the Power-- Public Enemy

3. Night on Bald Mountain-- Modest Mussorgsky

4. I Wanna Destroy You-- Circle Jerks

5. Anything by Propagandhi

6. Hallelujah-- God

7. A Few Words in Defense of our Country-- Randy Newman

8. And Justice For All-- Metallica

9. Youth Problem-- Harry Pussy

10. Seriously, anything by Propagandhi