Tarlton offers streaming samples from forthcoming EP


Photo courtesy of Afternoon Records

Tarlton, an experimental electro act fronted by drummer and circuit-bender Brett Bullion, is offering two minute streams from each of the eight-plus minute tracks on its forthcoming EP, The Papa Theses. The streaming tracks are available on Tarlton's MySpace page and on the Afternoon Records website.

For more on Tarlton, check out this week's print edition of City Pages, where writer Erik Martz profiled Bullion and explored the local synth and circuit-bending scene. From the article:

Once part of the acclaimed electronic trio Tiki Obmar, Bullion is one of a few artists around the Twin Cities who have left behind the traditional guitar-based band dynamic for an insulated world of Moog synthesizers, looped patterns, patch bays, and complicated microphones. Much like fellow drummer Martin Dosh, Bullion uses rhythmic improvisation to not only propel but accentuate his music, hooking dizzying time signatures into looped and sequenced soundscapes.

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