Tarlton, Kristoff Krane, Gayngs featured in this week's City Pages

Tarlton, Kristoff Krane, Gayngs featured in this week's City Pages

Extra! Extra! We've got a turbo music section in the print edition this week, and it's all because of the big pair of Gayngs "Last Prom on Earth" shows this Friday at First Avenue. Read on for more about our Gayngs interview and two other features on fantastic local musicians, or pick up a hard copy of City Pages to consume them in 3D.

Tarlton takes slow-cooked lyrical approach
By Rob van Alstyne
Tarlton's Brett Bullion has been making electronic music in the local scene for almost a decade -- but it wasn't until this year that he opened up his mouth and started singing. And we couldn't be happier about the new direction: writer Rob van Alstyne says Bullion is a "bracingly effective lyricist his first time out of the gate."

Gayngs mastermind Ryan Olson prepares for big show
By Andrea Swensson
As you've likely heard by now, the Gayngs project comprises 24 of the area's most talented contributors from across the indie rock, electro, and folk genres -- and this Friday at First Avenue, each and every member will come together for the first and only time to perform their debut record, Relayted, live.

Kristoff Krane nixes hip-hop cliches
By Jeff Gage
Prolific local emcee Kristoff Krane is releasing two full-length albums this month, which writer Jeff Gage say full loosely under the hip-hop umbrella but pull in other styles as well. "Krane takes his hip-hop background and uses it as a means toward an entirely different end, incorporating much of the music's sensibilities and vocabulary into an impressive and singular style."

Critics' Picks
By Gimme Noise staff
Our top picks for the best shows happening this week, from Rollins to Art-A-Whirl to a pair of benefit shows for scene staple Tattoo Bob.

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