Target (unintentionally) helps Adele fans with their (inevitable) tears

Adele wants to drink your tears.

Adele wants to drink your tears.

Adele didn't make a devastating breakup record this go 'round, but the endless tears associated with her scorching 2011 sophomore album, 21, will forever linger. Case in point: The apropos cross-branding effort appearing at some Target locations, which features the colossal-voiced pop star's massive new album, 25, stationed strategically next to packages of tissues.

Local Twitter user @johnmarc tells us he spotted the display Monday at the downtown Minneapolis Target location. A PR rep from Target informs City Pages that the Kleenex tie-in "appears to be the work of a creative guest," so the Minneapolis-based retail giant — "huge fans of Adele," the rep notes — can't take credit for this stroke of marketing genius. It's almost as though respected newsmen like Perez Hilton failed to vet the story ... 

Adele's bank account is crying tears of joy these days. 25 dropped last Friday and has since sold 2.433 million copies, the biggest single-week sales total since Nielsen SoundScan began keeping track in 1991 (the previous record belonged to NSYNC's 2000 LP No Strings Attached). 

The album-sales tracking week concludes Thursday, Billboard reports, with some industry forecasters expecting 25 to hit the 3-million mark. That feat is especially impressive considering the fact no one buys albums anymore, plus the U.K. singer's label, XL Recordings, is sorta/kinda/maybe indie-ish

Celebrate the accomplishment with a copy of 25 and a bottle of group-sex wine, apparently another Adele/Target prank. Here's the music video for Adele's new hit single, "Hello." 

Featuring kiddie instruments and a grinning Jimmy Fallon, here's a cuter version of "Hello," performed Wednesday with the Roots on The Tonight Show