Target Field teases special 'concert announcement' -- gotta be U2, right?

Is that U2 behind those mysterious question marks? If so, will they be playing Target Field?

Is that U2 behind those mysterious question marks? If so, will they be playing Target Field? Sam Jones/HBO

On Monday, powerhouse rock 'n' roll franchise U2 announced an international stadium tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their classic Joshua Tree album. Not included among the initial 17 U.S. dates: a Twin Cities stop.

But there is a curious gap between the May 26 Dallas gig and the June 3 Chicago one, which brings us to today's cryptic PR note from the Minnesota Twins. It promises journalists a "concert announcement" at Target Field at 10 a.m. this Thursday.

... gotta be U2, right? 

Rock 'n' roll personality Joe Mauer will even be on hand for the grand reveal; I'm encouraged to RSVP for the event -- but will I? That, too, remains a mystery. 

Back to what we know: Potential openers for the U.S. leg of U2's 2017 tour include Mumford & Sons, OneRepublic, and the Lumineers. Pretty rough! Tickets are running between $35-$280, according to Ticketmaster. 

Back to 2011: That's when U2 rocked TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis (read our review of the mega-sized, fan-pleasing spectacle). That tour featured an enormous animatronic claw, prompting at least one critic to speculate that an open-air venue will be required this go-'round, potentially for a 300-foot animatronic Joshua tree. 

And, finally, back to the present: Should Thursday's announcement be for another act, please disregard this entire blog post. Target Center's PR squad drummed up massive hype for a concert announcement in 2014, only to trot out Billy Joel's name (the Strib thinks we're destined for a repeat). Plus, Target Field's 42,000-ish capacity is well below the 60,000-ish of Chicago's Solider Field and the 100,000-ish of Dallas' AT&T Stadium, as Minneapolis Twitter King Kyle Matteson points out.

So, as always, prepare for disappointment.