T&A sparkle at Queer Candy


Tits, ass, glitter and tassels; what a perfect way to spend a Thursday night. Sweetpea, my most favorite starlet of Lili's Burlesque Revue, hosted "Queer Candy Cabaret" at Innuendo and Rumors in St. Paul, appeasing a crowd of women hungry lesbians and lady lovers. Since Pi's closing last month, the gay gal scene is in dire need of some action, and thankfully for everyone in attendance, Sweetpea and friends delivered.

After a 20 minute search for parking, a half-price gin and tonic was the perfect way to settle my nerves...not to mention the beautiful women stripping down to pasties and lacy boyshorts on stage. Regardless of sexual preference or taste, no doubt everyone in the room saw at least one individual who hit the spot. Drag kings, queens, feminine teases and boi's showing off their rubber dongs, it was a pretty diverse evening and an awesome collection of Twin Cities drag and burlesque. 

During the first half of the show, the host herself wore a glittery poinsettia in her hair to match her red backless apron, white panties, sexy garter belt and hose. In the second half, Sweetpea took the stage in a ridiculously flowered hat and grandma dress, telling the crowd she decided to be a bit more conservative this round. "Boo," said the crowd without hesitation. Like the tease she is, Sweetpea slowly removed her hideous attire, while hula hooping mind you, to reveal a much more eye friendly bra and panty number. After she was done making the crowd drool puddles, she invited two women to join her on stage, to whom she taught the technique of the "motor booty." 

Other favorite acts included Miss Coco Dupree removing clothing to the classically sexy "Fever", red glittery lipstick matching her eye-catching tassels. A burlesque number which included the shirtless woman pouring faux vodka all down her chest (to which Sweetpea asked, "Is anybody as wet as this rug on stage?"). The "Beaverettes Dance Team" performance that ended with near naked wrestling between two awesomely 80's high school dancers. Also, Esme Rodriguez's cartwheel in four inch heels.

Case and point. I slept well...