Talk back at 89.3 the Current at their second music meeting

Talk back at 89.3 the Current at their second music meeting
Photo by Nate Ryan

Unlike our gridlocked national bureaucratic bodies, effecting change on the local airwaves can be as simple as buying pint at Amsterdam Bar & Hall and having the liquid courage to speak up.

The second running of 89.3 the Current's Music Meeting happens tonight in St. Paul, and it's an opportunity to express feedback directly to the people feeding us music when we're stuck in traffic, at our desks, or getting our freak on with Mark Wheat every Friday.

In February, the MPR alt-rock station held its first public meeting, and it was a peek into the depths of what pieces together the playlists we hear. New tracks from Mudhoney, Dido, Surfer Blood, Wavves, Lucinda Williams, and many others were tested out on the packed crowd assembled at the Amsterdam, and we got to weigh in immediately regarding how we felt about the music they were considering adding to mix.

When a song received a particularly high or low score -- tabulated loosely based upon olympic gymnastics-style score sheets held up by attendees -- the DJs headed out into the crowd to get some "real talk" on the subject. It felt amazing to voice some displeasure about a song by the Lone Bellow they were considering and actually know they'd have to remember how much it bothered me whenever it was played. I believe I called it the opposite of a "grower" and more of a "wilter."

This time around Gimme Noise (myself) and Star Tribune (Chris Riemenschneider) are joining the Current's own Andrea Swensson at a table of critics, and we'll all add our own suggestions to the evening's festivities. Hope to see you there!

The Current's Music Meeting. 6 p.m. (doors at 5 p.m.) Thursday, September 12 at Amsterdam Bar & Hall, St. Paul. Required RSVP here.

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