Talib Kweli launches into bizarre Twitter war with the MN rap scene

Talib Kweli may have no fans left in Minnesota by the time you finish reading this sentence.

Talib Kweli may have no fans left in Minnesota by the time you finish reading this sentence.

Jay-Z had a good weekend.

Not only did Beyoncé give birth to twins, but on Friday Jay became the first rapper ever inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In gratitude, Hova sent out a string of tweets thanking rappers from all across the genre -- Q-Tip, Lil’ Wayne, even Mac Miller. But Minneapolis rapper Metasota noticed one striking omission.

New York rap icon Talib Kweli was conspicuously absent from Jay-Z's tweets, despite the fact that many of his former Rawkus Records labelmates, including Big L, Pharoahe Monch, and Kool G Rap, were namedropped. Metasota took to Twitter to wonder aloud about Kweli going unnamed.

He should’ve known better, given Kweli’s reputation on Twitter. Dropping an @ in front of Kweli’s name is like lighting a Molotov cocktail.

Kweli took fiery exception to the tweet, pointing out that he was shouted out in Jay’s 2003 song “Moment of Clarity,” but the flame war didn’t stop there. What resulted was a thousands-deep tweetstorm that raged throughout the weekend and was still smoldering as of last night.

It’s hard to say what exactly set Kweli off, but the 41-year-old MC took things to extremely personal lengths after Metasota accused Kweli of harassing a woman during the Ferguson protests. In turn, Kweli began charging Metasota with supporting and enabling Nazis, and at several points he called the Minnesota rapper and his supporters “coons.”

Here are some screen-grabs of the name-calling drama:

Kweli’s attacks quickly broadened in scope to take in all Minnesota rappers, which led to fellow locals Yanna Ley, IceDude, Choir Boi Yogi, Vinny Crooks, Tek, and uncountable others piling on. At 3 a.m. on Saturday, DJ TIIIIIIIIIP popped in to declare an unofficial ban on Kweli in Minnesota, prompting Kweli to dig into his mentions for the next 12 hours.

Even Brother Ali, a professed friend and frequent collaborator of Kweli’s, was pulled into the fracas. He took a characteristically pious stance.

Kweli was most recently in town a month ago performing at Soundset. He’s currently on a world tour with no Twin Cities gigs on his docket. In response to the backlash from Minneapolis, he’s threatened to schedule a show on Metasota’s home turf, but nothing has yet materialized on that front.

Other than a mountain of tweets, that is.