Take that, grownups

Eclipse Records announced that their Headlights show next Tuesday will be open to youngsters ages 20 and under only. The Champaign, Illinois indie-pop band will be playing a 21+ show later in the evening Tuesday at the Turf Club, and Eclipse wanted to provide this unique opportunity for underage kids "upset at all the shows you can't get in without that precious 21+ drivers license."

"Here is your chance for sweet vengeance," reads the press release.

Since re-opening this April, the Eclipse owners have taken many steps to establish the record store/performance space as a destination for underage concertgoers, and this younguns-only show only helps further their mission of making live music accessible to everyone.

Here's the details on the Headlights show at Eclipse:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Eclipse Records presents Headlights w. One For The Team Now, Now Every Children 4:30pm doors. $5 *MUST BE 20 or Younger to attend.

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