T-Pain's Facebook tattoo: Yet another unfortunate piece of body memery

​Not to be outdone by Gucci Mane (!) but exactly that, T-Pain has gotten a new tattoo that is very very (very) currently making the rounds of the innerwebs.

Lacking literally every aspect that made Gucci's ice cream cone so perfectly eye-crossing (being positioned on the face, composed of something ridiculous), T-Pain's new ink is a good example of taking a C+ idea and making it into a D- piece of memery.


Get it? Yeah...heh. T-Pain: no worries, we don't.

The site's very design--the presence of a "Like" button, without a corresponding "Hate" button--reinforces a kind of upbeat spin doctoring. (No one will "Like" your update that the new puppy died, but they may "Like" your report that the little guy was brave up until the end.)

I submit that this tattoo and it's subsequent 5-12 hours of relevance is helping us slowly trod towards inevitable social IRLelevance. Now, if T-Pain was an Egyptian rapper instead of the world's most famous Auto-Tune machine, we might be getting somewhere.