SXSW: Le Loup, Le Loup, Le Loup is on Fire

Trend report: Bands with six or more members are the new black. Le Loup, a collective from Washington, D.C., roll seven strong. I caught them at Emo's, where they sang "This is the end," with a more prophetic intensity than Jim Morrison, maybe.

They all get in on the vocal action. Nothing breaks up a collective like fighting over the mic, right? Banjo-playing lead Loup Sam Simkoff dances like a spazz shaman and shakes the ass God didn't bother to give him. I dunno how well all these layers would hold up on my home hi-fi, but they gain from the Polyphonic Spree rule of multiples: Mo' members=more stirring live act. And these kids stirred their indie-noodling and multi-percussion soup until it cooked hot, near to boiling.