SXSW Aftermath: Peelander-Z, Off With Their Heads top our list craziest moments

You'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to read my full feature on the local experience at SXSW this past week (and to see a way higher-quality video recap of the entire week), but for now I wanted to share two videos from some of the wildest moments I experienced at the festival. The first is at a show with local punk band Off With Their Heads, whose rabid fans immediately started moshing and stage diving when they hit their first note, swallowing up the entire front half of the room. It was an intense experience, and one that almost took me out as I filmed this video:

The second video is from the final show I saw in Austin on Saturday night, at a tiny little open-air tiki bar called Headhunters. Japanese punk band Peelander-Z pulled several stunts during their set (setting up bowling pins and knocking them down with a man in a guitar-shaped squid suit, pulling people out of the audience to play their instruments, etc.) but this was by far the most amazing and dangerous part of their performance: Watch as the bass player from Peelander-Z climbs up to the balcony and dangles himself from the ceiling -- all while playing his bass, of course.

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