Switchblade Comb celebrating three years this weekend

It's hard to believe it's been that long already, but local music and film blog Switchblade Comb is celebrating its third anniversary this weekend with a show at the Triple Rock.

Switchblade Comb has become a great resource for the active Twin Cities show-goer -- we especially dig their bare-bones and utilitarian listing of upcoming Twin Cities shows, curated for locally geared music fans and indiephiles.

[jump] The blog is also one of the only locally produced online resources for screenings of independent and foreign films, helped in part by the fact that many of its contributors are either current or former employees of area cinemas like the Uptown Theater and Lagoon.

All that and they have, like, the best logo ever.

Congrats, guys! Keep on keeping on.

SWITCHBLADE COMB celebrates its 3-year anniversary with Dada Trash Collage, the Evening Rig, the Framed, and Bad Chaber & the Swears on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, at the TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL CLUB.