Surfer Blood's "Twin Peaks": demand it live

Surfer Blood's "Twin Peaks": demand it live

Fess-up time: almost everything I know about Twin Peaks -- David Lynch's surrealist, televised take on fear, loathing, and murder in a fictional Washington state community -- I learned from Greil Marcus's excellent societal survey course The Shape of Things to Come. Here's what I do know for sure: "Twin Peaks," from Surfer Blood's debut Astro Coast, is without a doubt the best song on the record, and if you don't beg the band to play it at tonight's 7th St. Entry show, you're playing yourself.

Surfer Blood's "Twin Peaks": demand it live
I mean, no disrespect to the steroidal tubthumping churn of "Swim" or the Vampire Weekend-er afro-pop lull of "Take It Easy," but "Twin Peaks" is where the Surfer Blood going gets enticingly, rockily weird -- which is to say that I'm not 100 percent sure what this song is even about, and I'm okay with that. I'm totally content to zone out on the anthemic tune's odd admixture of taut Duran Duran insouciance, Weezer-esque pop brawn, incidental collegiate hoots'n'hollers, and the bizarre clatterific percussive shenanigans and twittering flute larks that surface here and there between seismic tectonic shifts in forward momentum.

A pet theory as to what's going on here, amidst all the falsetto-shouting-into-a-maelstrom dissembling and Blue Velvet shoutouts and cryptic one-liners ("my love is a carnivore/her body's an ivory casing") and melodic tumult: the protagonist is watching the titular program with some chick, on a couch in Syracuse, and then one thing leads to another, which leads to maybe another, but nothing else, because the dude gets all caught up in the symbolic outlandishness of what's happening on OnDemand and consequently can't quite rise to the occasion, if you take my meaning. (Perhaps it's a case of climaxing too soon; it's hard to say. If so, "Twin Peaks" is kind of like Surfer Blood's "Jizz in my Pants," except that way more people probably queued up for The Sixth Sense than for Lost Highway. Bill Pullman versus Bruce Willis? No contest.) The chick tries to stroke the protagonist's ego, but it's all too much for him to take and he's out of there; later, back at home in Florida, he writes a song about the whole debacle in which he unsuccessfully attempts to shroud what happened in portent and mystery.

Then again, maybe not. But I still say you should still harass Surfer Blood into whipping it out anyway so you can test my hypothesis, or draw your own conclusions.

Surfer Blood's "Twin Peaks": demand it live

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