Support local musicians directly today through Bandcamp

Channy Leaneagh of Poliça

Channy Leaneagh of Poliça Zoe Prinds-Flash

Musicians have been among the hardest hit financially by the precautions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Clubs have been shuttered. Gigs have been canceled. Tours have been canceled. And how do many of the musicians who don’t earn a living through their art support themselves? By working jobs in the service industry, which is experiencing massive layoffs.

So, yes, musicians could use a break. We’ve already suggested some ways you help them through the current crisis. And today, thanks to the music download site Bandcamp, there’s another option available.

Until midnight Pacific Time, Bandcamp is waiving its (already incredibly reasonable) fees, which means artists and labels get 100 percent of the purchase price for every download.

So where should you start? Well, here’s my personal list of the best local albums from 2019, many of which are available from Bandcamp. (Also, several of them were put out by local label Forged Artifacts, which is also forgoing its cut of the profits to help artists today.)

And whaddya know? Here’s a whole page just for artists from Minnesota. Poliça released a live album today. New Primals put out their new album today. (And they’re doing a livestream performance to celebrate.) Browse away—since you can generally sample the wares before you buy, you might just find a new favorite.

You know what else would help local musicians? A wide-scale redistribution of wealth from the unthinkably rich to the rest of us. But while we're working on making that happen, we'll need a soundtrack, right?