Superdanger at the Dinkytowner


If stage banter somehow measured how well you could swing a cat, Superdanger would be just another trio of poor feline-flingers. Fortunately, at their Dinkytowner EP-release show last Sunday, the mantras "We're Superdanger" and "We love you" were interrupted by bouts of smartly written indie rock. With the never-ending flood of young bands influenced by the Cure and the Pixies, Superdanger's sound isn't exactly original, but they do offer some especially catchy material. Bassist Scott Hefte and guitarist Caleb Rick traded vocal duties, a high nasal voice emerging unexpectedly from Hefte's linebacker body, while Rick played the more earnest and somewhat panicky straight man. Jake Hanson, more commonly known as a guitarist for 12 Rods and Cowboy Curtis, managed to pass as a natural-born drummer about 95--maybe even 96--percent of the time.

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