Super Bowl save: Questlove's MP3 library rescued with help from local Twitter man

Questlove, pictured here years before @solace came into his life

Questlove, pictured here years before @solace came into his life AP/Carlo Allegri

When he's not drumming for hip-hop greats the Roots or telling epic Prince stories, Questlove travels the world as a celebrated DJ.

The 47-year-old musician is currently in the Twin Cities to lead his Roots during Sunday's live Super Bowl edition of The Tonight Show (they're the house band), and he's also sprinkling in DJ gigs. One major problem: Questlove's 88,000-song-deep MP3 collection was on the fritz Thursday -- mere hours before a DJ set! 


Thankfully, @solace was ready to cyber assist. After being alerted, the real-life Kyle Matteson -- Minneapolis IT guy by day, concert junkie by night -- shepherded Questlove through the tech weeds. We'll spare you the wonkery, but Matteson helped salvage Questlove's tunes with advice, links, and screen-shots. Eventually, the pair retreated into the privacy of DMs to resolve the issue, and Questlove emerged an hour later with good news.


How, exactly, will Questlove make the saga worth Matteson's time, as promised? We hit up @solace's DMs, but he's yet to respond*. This much we do know: It seems City Pages' Best Tweeter now has Sunday plans involving Questlove.


Does that mean Super Bowl tickets? Tonight Show tickets? Some ultra-swag-y VIP event? We'll update this post as soon as @solace hits us back. Thanks to Matteson's Twitter heroics, you can catch Questlove's Prince-honoring DJ set Friday night at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis. 

*Update: Matteson politely opted to keep his reward private.